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    Flip-flop (動詞, 名詞)

    (To make) a sudden or unexpected reversal, as of direction, belief, attitude, or policy

    (方向,信仰,態度,立場, 處境或政策上)突然的或意外的逆轉

    The president flip-flops on his foreign policy.


    He keeps flip-flopping on the decision to hire.

    His foreign policy is a flip-flop.

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    Flip-flop: a decision to reverse an earlier decision - ,改變了先前的決定, 做了與先前決定相反的決定

    I think that what 瑛姑蘅蕪量 as "出爾反爾" is a pretty good description too.

    It has the meaning of reversing to the opposite.

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    For example:

    He has agreed to allow same sex marriage, but he flip-flopped his decision at the last minutes.

    => meaning that: He is now not allowing same sex marriage.

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    There are other meanings too. Please see http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/flip-flop

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    Sorry typo:

    I think that what 瑛姑蘅蕪量 stated as "出爾反爾" is a pretty good description too.

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    flip flop在美國還有夾腳拖(海灘拖鞋)的意思喔

    = P


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    「毒奶政策搖擺 林芳郁請辭獲准」←報導標題實例




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