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Lord of the Flies的問題

List the seven questions that you, individually, are prepared to ask, what kind of responses you expect to receive and how the responses will help the class meet the goals you set out in the beginning. Relate this to your focus and goals. Remember, your are not to have any knowledge questions unless you are working on plot.


幫我想7個問題(不是一個chapter 7個問題,是ch5-8 共7個問題)




How are the boys drinking water?

They use coconot(椰子,忘了怎麼拼)





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    1Q. What does Ralph think about as he walks along the beach?

    A. He thinks about how much of life is an improvisation and about how a considerable part of one's waking life is spent watching one's feet.

    2Q. What does one of the littluns suggest the beast might do at night?

    A. He suggests that it might come up from the ocean at night.

    chapter 6

    3Q.What were the twins supposed to do? What have they done instead?

    A. The twins Sam and Eric were supposed to watch the signal fire but they fell asleep instead.

    4Q.When Sam and Eric woke up, they tend to the fire to make the flames brighter. What did they mistaken the dead parachutist for?

    A.In the flickering firelight, they see the twisted form of the dead parachutist and mistaken the shadowy image for the figure of the dreaded beast.

    chapter 7

    5Q. What does Ralph feel the ocean is like?

    A.He feels that the ocean is like an impenetrable wall blocking any hope the boys have of escaping the island.

    6Q. What does Simon do to make Ralph feel better?

    A.Simon lifts Ralph's spirits by reassuring him that he will make it home.

    chapter 8

    7Q. What does Jack tells the others about the mountain?

    A.Jack tells the others that there is definitely a beast on the mountain.

    8Q..As Piggy and Ralph sit in the old camp discussing the deserters, the hunters from Jack's tribe descend upon them, shrieking and whooping. What does the hunters steal?

    A.The hunters stole burning sticks from the fire on the beach.



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