Tell me if this isn't a good argument for anyone confronted withe violence associated with cannabis trade?

People say that if you buy cannabis that you are contributing to the wiolence that goes on all over the world to offer you that one little smoke. I'm not saying that isn't true, but there is violence and injustice associated with a lot of things we buy. Consider the shoes we wear that were sewn together by some 8 year old in a country whose name we can't even pronounce. Consider the food we eat, processed by migrant workers, paid under the table because they can't find work in there hame country. and now i add, oil. How much violence has been associated with an environment damaging substance, just so we can drive our kids to soccer practice where they will kcik around a ball made by some kid in pakistan for a few pennies.


Ms. Newt, i actually don't smoke illicit drugs, because my religion sets them aside for a specific time and purpose, which is not in the youthful state that my life is currently at, and i can't because i must pass drug test for work.

Update 2:

Ms. Concieted Indian, typically people are perscribed marinol or drabinol, which is synthetic thc. Smoking herb is the least medicinal method of using it. The best is to concentrate about a pound of it into an oil, so you can get all the active cannabinoids. Cannabidiol is a great medicinal chemical, that doesn't get you high, but it is only perscribed, very infrequently, only in the UK

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    Dude. People don't care. They don't stop to think about how Walmart is like one of the most shady corporations in this country they just like getting their sh*t cheap. Nobody really cares about the violence associated with illegal drugs. We still wear Nike even though they make it in sweatshops.

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    I'll admit I have smoked weed a couple of times in university (college). I must say that I didn't enjoy the experience and never touched it again.

    Cannabis was changed to a class C for a while in the UK and then back up to a higher class drug because of the effects that it has on the brain. Long-term effects are schizophrenia, if it is smoked on a regular basis.

    Oil is something that we need, as are shoes and clothes. I don't agree with how oil, clothes and shoes are come by in some cases and nor do I agree with how cannabis is come by. Soccer (what I call football) is a healthy sport. It is something we need (exercise).

    We don't need cannabis. It is now prescribed for people with MS (multiple schlerosis) and disabilities for people who actually do need it through legal means (by the doctor) to relieve pain.

  • Anonymous
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    This is full of holes.

    You are arguing on the side of the drug trade, you do realize that, right?

    You smoke too much, you are basically saying that the drug trade is justified because the "violence" associated with many basic things we use in our life out weighs it. Never mind various Mules, Murders, and other criminal activities (prostitution, human trafficking, the gun trade,etc.) that this ultimately leads into.

    That is good, but your argument is still full of holes. Do you really believe this?

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