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who better Peyton Manning vs. Tom Brady?

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    they are both great but i say Tom Brady, people say Bradys got Moss and Welker but he only had them for one year before that he was putting up good numbers with average or even below average WRs in 2006 his top WR was Reche Caldwell who spent 2007 as a 4rth stringer on the redskins, before that he had Dieon Branch everyone thought he was good but look how hes done since he left so now it looks like Brady was carrying him, Now Manning on the other hand has had these guys over his entire career Marvin Harrison, Reggie Wayne, Brandon Stokely, Edgrin James, Dominic Rhodes, Joeseph Addai, and Dallas Clarke, so Manning has had great weapons his whole career but once Brady got some weapons he had the greatest season a QB has ever had. Then there is fact that Brady plays great in the post season hes appeared in 4 superbowls,won 3, and was named MVP os the superbowl twice, Manning on the other hand is famous for playing bad in the post season even in his superbowl win if Rex Grossman didnt play like well Rex Grossman the bears would have won that game and although he won MVP for that game he didnt even play that good.

    also about the great Stats Manning gets to play atleast 8 games in a dome which is alot easier for a QB

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    Tom Brady

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    The "dump offs" that the guy above me mentioned that Brady would usually give to his backs was usually due to the fact that his receivers sucked.

    People will almost always forget to mention the fact that Brady had garbage receivers before Welker and Moss came, and always try to talk about how Manning makes everyone about him better. What was Wes Welker before he came to the Pats, and what are Branch and Givens doing now that they left the Patriots? Nothing.

    People assume that because Brady was a low draft pick and that he is doing so well that he is a system QB. Even if that were true, who is to say that if Manning were on a bad team he would be as good as he is now? You can hypothesize, but you can not really say for sure.

    If Manning had just one more ring, I would give it to him due to the fact that the team has been to the playoffs too many times for them just to lose in situations he should have been able to help them overcome. So for now I have to give it to Brady. Jewelry does not make the player, but good regular season and post season play does.

    Stay Cool

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    Manning, he is only a year older than Brady and he has almost 20000 more passing yards, 130 more TD passes, rating is 2 points higher, has been in 5 more Pro Bowls, 3 more All Pro selections.

    Add 37 4th quarter comebacks by Manning, while Brady has less than 30. And to be honest, I've never seen Brady overcome a large deficit. His best winning drives were for Field Goals, not touchdowns. Manning overcame a 24-point deficit against Tampa Bay in 4 minutes, and led his team to the best comeback ever in a conference championship after trailing by 18.

    Put Matt Cassel in the Pats and still wins 11 games. Let Jim Sorgi start and he would have been screwed in a team with no defense and no running game.

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    Peyton Manning is infinitely better. People just think Brady is better because he has won 3 superbowls. The reality is Brady is a system quarterback wouldn't be nearly as good if he was on another team. For examples, see former Patriots who were traded to other teams and summarily had disappointing seasons.

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    Peyton Manning is the better all around quarterback. He is a proven asset to his team, as we witnessed last season. Matt Cassel had a winning season with less of team than Tom Brady had. Manning is a leader for his team, calls his own plays and is able to comeback. Tom Brady is not capable of the types of comebacks that Peyton Manning is capable of. Superbowls are important, but they are not the only statistic that should be used here, Manning has more league MVP's, total yards and touchdowns.

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    Manning hands down. Peyton makes everyone else around him great. Everyone else around make Tom great.

    Peyton runs his offense. He calls his own plays. He makes the right check downs. He puts his team in the playoffs every year.

    Tom is great, dont get me wrong. He has won more super bowls, but he is a system quarterback. He makes many times more "dump offs" to his backs, and short "safe" passes to his WR.

    Draft Peyton Manning to the Patriots instead of the Colts and youd have the best dynasty in football history.

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    Tom Brady by far.. Manning gets all of this credit when his wide recievers are amazing i mean come on Harrison and Wayne. ANd who beat Mannings td record in one season. Ohh yeah Brady.

    GO PATS!!!!!!

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    Peyton Manning. He reads a defense better than Dan Marino, has a quick release just like him and can throw the ball all the way downfield just as accurate as you can ask for.

    Peyton's Stats: 3,839 of 5,960 passes complete with a 64.4% completion rate for 45,628 yards, and 333 TD's/165 INT's. He even has rushed 309 times for 717 yards, and 17 TD's. His bad stats...he's been stacked 205 times, and has had 48 fumbles, 16 of those lost.

    Brady's Stats: 2,301 of 3,653 passes complete with a 63.0% completion rate for 26,446 yards, and 197 TD's/86 INT's. He has also rushed 276 times for 533 yards and 5 TD's. His bad stats....Sacked for 203 times, and has had 60 fumbles with 28 lost.

    He's had nine years and Brady might have had an outstanding year, but does anyone look at the flaws? 60 fumbles? 28 lost...not good. He's almost been sacked more than Peyton and he's not even been in the game as long as he has. In nine years, Peyton already had 37,586 yards, and 275 TD's/139 INT's...stat wise, that's techniqually better, like 11,000 yards and 78 TD's better. Yes QB's go through injuries, and people say, but Tom Brady suffered an injury and blaw, blaw, did Dan Marino in 1993...get a better offensive line then and block, and make sure Brady doesn't hold on the ball too long, which he's real famous for, and he DOES NOT, have that quick release like Manning.

    Peyton is the smartest QB today, he reads a defense so well, he doesn't get flustered when he gets picked off or sacked. He blames himself for his mistakes and gets better and he did that in the playoffs when he did go against the Pats. He threw a couple of picks, told his defense to hold them and he'll get them back in the game....and he did, winning 38-34. He got his rythme back, he cut the defense apart, and his defense held them back long enough for Peyton to seal the deal. Brady gets flustered real easily, he blames his teammates sometimes when he messes up, and he yells at that a team leader? I need someone who encourages, not bring me down,

    So yes, Peyton is better, QB and leader wise. I like him a lot, and too bad he's with the Colts, he'd been a real nice addition in Miami or Houston hehe.

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