My boyfriend and I are fighting over a baby name for a boy. He wants to name him Richard jr. wtf?

He says this name has been in his family for a long time but I personally think its a bit too old school for me. Plus Richard Jr. also means little dick LOL!!! dude no.. But anytime I mention any other names he wont give them any thought. He thinks he is going to pick the name.. How do I stop myself from choking this stupid self obsessed man?

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    If the name Richard has been in the family for a long time, wouldn't that mean there is already a Richard Junior. Wouldn't he be like Richard III or IV etc. If it means so much to your husband, then why not. You can choose a middle name, and let him be Richard (number), depending on how many Richards there were before him.

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    The classic way is for each of you to compile 2 lists--the ones you love/the ones you hate.

    Compare lists to see if there are any in common. If not, each person must choose a name from the other persons list. Keep juggling names until you can agree on a name.

    Send him to a good website.

    How can the name have been in his family for a long time if the baby will be Jr? That means your bf is Richard (and will become Sr). That means he's the only Richard!

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    I answered a question like this just a few days ago haha. Apparently most men get the thought in their head that it would be cool to have a son named after daddy wanted my brother to be a junior, my boyfriend would love it if our future son would be a junior. But I'm not having it. I was my son to have his own identity, I don't want to two people to come running when I scream a name. Plus yes Richard Jr. he would get so made fun of. Don't choke him, Just refuse, he can't make you...he can not like it but he'll get over it, it's your baby too and he has no right to insist on naming it something you don't agree with. If anything compromise with him and make Richard the middle name....although I'm not sure I could even do that (I'm with you on it being old school) Try to get him to see your side of it (what if you wanted to name your daughter after you) It's not fair to you or your just talk to him about it, refuse to do it...just don't choke him haha =)

    Good Luck ♥

  • This question mad me laugh, I know a girl who had the same problem. A husband named Richard who wanted the baby to be Richard JR. Instead she settled on Ethan Richard. I would use Richard as a middle name, and explain to your husband that Richard Jr. would probably get teased in school. Kids are mean these days.

    Good Luck!!

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  • Compromise with Richard as the middle name. I wouldn't recommend using Richard Jr. anyway, since you are only dating. If you were married, it'd be a different story. Because what if you don't stay together? (Not that that's the case, im just saying.) I think it'd be really awkward for you to be around your son who has the same name as your ex... I dunno, maybe that's just me.

    I agree that now-a-days the kid would be made fun of so much and be called some pretty mean names.

    Tell him that, no, he cannot just name the child. It's not only his. It's yours as well. And YOU'RE the one carrying the child. You have as much right to name the child, if not more, a name that you prefer. If you for example, liked the name Aiden... tell him, "hey, his name will be Aiden but we can use Richard as a middle name"

    Hope you can straighten everything out! Best of luck!

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    All of the names on your list are very common so I'm not sure quite what you're looking for. I love Joshua David Jr. and think it's a great name! I do like Logan James, Alexander, Austin, and Caleb. Some uncommon names.. Grant, Baylor, Cahil, Gideon, Riordan, Jarley, Bevan, Haskel, Ferris, Adler

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    Ha ha I totally agree with you. Men can be so upsurd. I don't think Richard is a horrible name, as a MIDDLE name. It's too old for a kid. I agree, you will be thinking "little dick" every time you call his name.

    Remind him that your child will have to face school and kids and ask him if a name is worth having his son be ridiculed.

    Good luck! =]

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    It gets confusing having a junior. I would suggest Richard as the middle or even Richard as the first with a different middle. Good luck

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    your BF needs to understand that 60 + years ago the name Richard with the nn Dick was more acceptable as it did not have the connection to a male body part as it does now. A middle name to follow tradition yes. some family traditions need to be broken

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    HAHAHA For some reason, men like the whole "family" name train thing, that is so outdated! Im not sure theres anything you can do or say that would make him change his mind, again he's a man, lol

    Maybe write down some names that you like and have him circle and ones he likes and then you two get together and pick one out from there!

    Good Luck! This can't be easy!

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