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I'd like to become an online math tutor in my community. I plan to post fliers around my city for online tutoring. I am currenly finishing school myself and do not have any university tutoring certificates or anything. I do have marks that are the highest in my class and I received 95% on Math10 and 20 Pure finals.

I've looked into some online tutoring websites but you have to pay for most of them and I am determined not to get scammed. Thus I have decided to go it alone. (do not post web links to these sites please, they are of no help)

How do I make this work despite the fact I am still completing high school at age 23 and do not have any degrees?

Is there anywhere I can get a tutor type program to use?

Any other relevant information out there?

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    I am an independent tutor, I make my own ads, meet students face to face, and collect payment directly from them. I don't like these online tutoring sites where they just collect a middleman fee. I don't know why they are so popular either! Maybe people who are new to tutoring don't realize how informal this type of work is. you just meet people, teach them for an hour or two, and get paid.

    The fact that you don't have a GED may be a problem for you, since most people who seek tutoring expect a minimul level of education in their tutors. When you get the GED and have proof of high math scores, I think you should have no trouble finding students.

    You don't need any formal degree to be a tutor, you just need to be an expert at your subject area. I have a degree in math, but not a degree in teaching. It doesn't matter. I know Spanish tutors who are just immigrants with a high school diploma from their home country.

    my advice is forget about the websites and set your own "company policy"


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    be my tutor ,pl.,

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