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? asked in SportsFantasy Sports · 1 decade ago

Rate My Team. Who would you add/drop?

Can you please rate my team 1-10, also add and dropplayers from my team. Thanks

Top FA are......

LaRoche (W May 4)


S.Drew (DL)

F.Lopez (W May 4)


Loney (W May 5)



C.Young (Arz)


Valverde (DL)

Ryan (DL)

Dempster (W May 5)

C.Young (SD)


My Team:

C- Baker

1B - Howard, Branyan

2B - Scutaro, Phillips

3B - DeRosa, Jones

SS - Jeter

OF - Ludwick, Hunter, McLouth, Holliday

SP- Hamels, Lee, W.Rodriguez, Santana, Kershaw, Lackey, Webb(DL)

RP- Hoffman, Wood, Broxton


2 Answers

  • 1 decade ago
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    6 out of 10, pick up Tulowitski, he will pick it up soon.

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  • 4 years ago

    i could take Theriot for Branyan. He performs for a extra appropriate group and can play distinctive positions. With the different help in the process the season, bypass to fantasybaseballplus. it quite is solid and as much as date on a regular basis.

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