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Air Force One, Collateral, Die Hard, John Q., or Speed?

Which film do you prefer?


Movies with a hostage theme.

IMO --

1. Collateral

2. Die Hard

3. Speed

4. John Q.

5. Air Force One

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    die hard mother f*cker

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    1 decade ago

    1 Die Hard

    2 Air Force One

    3 Collateral

    4 Speed

    5 John Q

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    Die Hard

    take care


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    1 Speed (love me some keanu reeves, never get sick of this one)

    2 Die Hard (bruuuce)

    3 Collateral (i think audioslave's "shadow on the sun" was used in this one, if i'm remembering correctly, which was very nice)

    4 Air Force One (don't remember this one too well, but c'mon, it's han solo)

    5 John Q. (i may have seen this, don't remember, if i did, it must not have been that impressive)

    edit-- i was right!

    Youtube thumbnail

    edit2-- some awesome hostage films you forgot:

    from dusk till dawn (tarantino, clooney baby)

    bandits (bruuuce again with billy bob)

    inside man (spike lee!)

    the negotiator (sam jackson. nuff said.) (oh and kevin spacey's in it too, i love him)

  • Collateral

  • 1 decade ago

    Tough decision to make....

    I think I have to go with Speed though, I love that movie for intensity throughout. And I thought Keanu was excellent.

    But I also love all the Die Hard films. Willis is great!

  • 1 decade ago

    Tie between collateral or air force one.

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    1 decade ago


    there all great

    but a tie with Speed and Die Hard..but more Speed..cuz I love sandra and keanu chemistry and dennis hopper was great

    but i enjoyed Die Hard 3 with bruce and samuel.

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