what is acquired immunity?

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    The immunity acquired by a living body in course of its lifetime is its acquired immunity. Let me explain. Suppose you suffered from pox when you were 5 years old and were cured. Now the antigens of your blood have recognised the germs of pox and they wont let these germs intrude into your body again. Your body has become resistant against these germs. This can be also said as "you have acquired immunity against pox". Human body acquires immunity against many of the diseases and this process starts right from the day the child is born. But that doesn't mean that a person who has once suffered from a disease, won't suffer from it again. There are exceptions in everything.

    Immunity is acquired by human body against the communicable or infection-type diseases only.

    All the Vaccines work on these techinque. The first Vaccine was developed for Cow Pox by first injecting some cow pox germs into a child's body. Untill then cow pox was a deadly disease and only 2-3% of those infected, survived.

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    Rajiv has the right idea.

    There are several ways to classify immunity including adaptive vs. innate.

    In a quick sentence, adaptive means the immune response is specific to the stimulus and innate immunity is a non-specific response.

    In adaptive immunity, the first time the body is exposed to the organism/virus/bacteria/whatever, the immune system will send out non-specific disease fighting cells and chemicals to destroy the foreign objects. While it is doing this, it creates antibodies specific to the disease that it is fighting so that every time you are exposed to the same foreign body after that, the adaptive response will be quicker and the body will send out disease-specific cells to destory the invading particles. So think of it as your body is adapting to fight off specific diseases by adapting it's own cells to be precise and effective.


    sorry, forgot to clarify that adaptive and acquired immunity are the same thing

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    Pills is completely wrong, the other two answers are correct.

    AIDS is Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome. Completely different.

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    acquired immunity is AIDS. acquired immune deficiency syndrome. hope this helps!

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