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fun free things to do in london?

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    Starts with an S and ends with an X.

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    There are numerous free attractions in London:

    - British Museum

    - Tate Modern

    - Tate Britain

    - National Gallery

    - Science Museum

    - The Victoria and Albert Museum

    - National History Museum

    - Changing of the Guard

    - RAF Museum

    - Bank of England Museum

    - St James Park

    - Hyde Park

    - Westminster Abbey



    Park Plaza County Hall

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    Here are some fun free things to do here in London.

    Trooping the Colour 2009 - you can see this for FREE if you stand anywhere in the Mall.

    Royal Gun Salutes in London FREE

    360 pans of London FREE

    Not sure if all these are FREE but most are.

    Youtube thumbnail

    Have a great trip not forgetting to have your photo taken while standing on top of that Russian tank - it's FREEEEEE.

    Welcome to London - your city.

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    There is so much you can do...the majority of museums are free, id go to the natural living museum its amazing they have the dinosaurs and things, also a walk along south bank is amazing its so pretty so go on a good day.

    Also just generally walking around Leicester square, maybe watch a premier, walk down to covent garden from there.

    Visit Trafalgar square, 10 downing street, the cathedrals, big ben, Leicester square, hyde park, the palace, oxford circus- window shopping, bond street

    Also a MUST is notting hill, the houses are amazing and on a weekend they have the portobello market which is Amazing just to look around- they sell really random antiques and gorgeous little things you wont find anywhere else, vintage clothes etc.... The houses in portobello are so cute also nice to have a look.

    The flower market is also meant to be wonderful to see...

    theres literally so just say get off at a main tube stop and just stumble around soho or wherever and you will eventually pass lots of really cool places

    Source(s): lived in london as a very poor intern
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    Ciao ;)

    Fun Free things???



    Camden town

    British Museum

    National Gallery

    Tate Modern

    Borough Market

    Trocadero -Piccadilly

    Westfield shopping centre

    Covent garden artists

    Leicester square casino

    All the parks

    Models ;)

    Banksy graffiti!

    Dining at Rainforestcafe'

    Free disco :on monday go at Heaven nightclub(Pop-corn night)metro Charing cross entrance before midnight is FREE

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    free fun stuff, or fun free stuff?

    i could suggest some fun free stuff, like staring at a wall, looking at the carpet. lol

    theres a lot of things to do in london.

    a lot of free stuff to do in london, there is a lot of other info on there aswell. (dont know how upto date the site is though.)

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    walk along the south bank, visit the tate modern. you can cross over the millenium bridge and see the cathedral, then cross back and go down to westminster, you could probably relax with a picnic in st james' park's a really good walk.

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    Walk along the Thames

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    You can visit Buckingham palace and walk along the thames. Look it up on google (: x

    Source(s): been to london x
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    Go shopping

    Hanging out with mates


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