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Sliding Mirror Closet Door...why are they tacky?

My sliding closet door size is 94x80. I want to get sliding mirror doors but I heard that large ones are tacky. However I think they are convenient because I could throw my mirror dresser thing (or whatever it is called) away and have more room. Should I install them or not?

Is it worth it? and how much would it cost for such a big size?

btw I am 16 if that makes a difference

thanks in advance =]

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    You are 16, so I understand you wanting the mirrored doors. If that is what you like, then you should get them. Teens like mirrors...that is fine...

    this one is just over $200, but is not the right will probably need to special order yours and I will guess they will cost at least $300. The mirrors will make your room look larger and brighter which will be a bonus for you. Don't worry about resale stuff and what are 16 and should have a room you want. I say go for it...especially if you can throw away something and get more space....extra bonus...sounds like a great idea.

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    Ok, now I feel like a total dork. We just built our house, and I had mirror closet doors installed!!! Anyway..... Here's my thoughts: What if you put some of that window cover up on the mirrors? You know the stuff that still lets light in but keeps others from seeing in... You can get it kind of shimmery or plain. If you don't like the way it looks on the mirrors, you can paint chic colors or decorate any way you like right on the stuff. Then when it's time to move, you can just peel it off.

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    Well, I wouldn't do it. It is so 80's and no one wants mirrored walls or doors anywhere in a home these days. A beautiful free standing mirror is so much more upscale in design. If you don't like your dresser and mirror than choose another dresser and look at other ways to add a mirror to the room but don't put in a mirrored closet door system. It would offer a no sale on re-sale of the home and honestly they are ugly. Which would explain why no one wants them in their homes any longer.

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    It depends on what you like. I don't believe they're tacky, and if getting one is going to give you more room I say go for it.

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