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Where do You Rank Chris Jericho ALL TIME as a Performer?

I'm Not Talking about just "WWE Chris Jericho"...

...I'm Talking WWE , WWF , WCW , ECW (Original) , and Japan Jericho. The Professional Wrestler Who has Performed All Over the World , Not just the Sports-Entertainer WWE Version.

I would say Top 25 (if Not Higher) of All Time.

How about You?

Your Thoughts & Opinions are All Welcomed & Appreciated.


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    As a complete package performer, Jericho ranks as the top performer I have ever seen in action, past, present, and more than likely future. Not just because he's my favorite but because he truly displays it. Whether its the technical skill he displayed in NJPW that would rank in the best technical wrestlers of all time, the mic work he did in WWF/E and WCW that is arguably the best of all time, the way he made crap (i.e. Goldberg) look exceptionally good in the ring, the way he could outperform nearly anyone he got into the ring with and still make them look worthy to face him, the way he displayed his charisma throughout (again among the best of all time), and the way he tied in all of this together in so many different ways is how he could make epic encounters with Wild Pegasus/Chris Benoit, Shawn Michaels, Ultimo Dragon and more just as good as they should have been if not better.

  • In my view, Chris Jericho is in the top five wrestling performers of all time, and when you rank someone that high, it's a very tight race for the top.

    Plain and simple, the guy has pretty much done it all, and not just in WWE either. He's traveled and wrestled all over the world in almost every different style imaginable, and he's excelled everywhere he's performed. Let's face it, there aren't many people in the wrestling world that have a more extensive and vast knowledge of the business. He's wrestled in Japan, Mexico, Canada, ECW, WCW, WWF, WWE and more. He's pretty much the consummate performer. His mic skills are off the charts. I mean, he can cut a promo that is funny, emotional and angry all at the same time. He's one of those rare talents that can make the crowd do whatever he wants. He can be a terrific face and I can honestly say that he is one of the best heels of all time.

    Inside the ring, he very well may be the best in the world today. I know that because he's a big time heel, he isn't allowed to use his more entertaining moves, but he can work any type of wrestling, with any competitor, big or small. When he wants to be, he's a tremendous high-flyer, but he can also work mat wrestling with the best of them.

    He's proved time and time again that he can be a great champion and he can be just as good working in a non-title fued. Just look at his program with Shawn Michaels. It isn't to often that you have a main event star who can be just as good without having the title involved.

    So really, of all time, who is in Jericho's league? The Rock, Shawn Michaels and Steve Austin you could all make cases for as better overall performers than Jericho, but it's pretty much a coin toss. Other than those guys though, it's tough to find anyone. Sure, The Undertaker is great, but I think that Jericho is a better overall performer. Same goes with Bret Hart, Hulk Hogan, Kurt Angle and Triple H. Jericho blows guys like Kevin Nash, Goldberg, Randy Savage and Randy Orton out of the water.

    I think that one guy in WWE right now who has a shot at becoming a better performer is John Cena. It's pretty close between them. Jericho is clearly the better wrestler but other than that, they are pretty similar. Both are great storytellers and both can carry a company.

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    What is this the PWI 500 kayfabe list of popular wrestlers today or the WON we-have-higher-standards and worship workrate blah blah blah criteria. I probably put him around top 50 range because I love me some lucha libre and think guys like Ultimo Guerrero, Rey Buccanero, Dr. Wagner, Blue Panther, Hijo de____, are better than Chris Jericho. Now that would be for the ALL TIME GREAT LIST.

    But for guys of this decade he would most definitely be a top 20 american promotion worker. And my bias being the way they are.....HBK would be #1 and Undertaker be #7 for his excellent submissions and Kurt Angle at #3 and Danielson at #5 as my highest rank indy worker......Jericho can be #12.

    The standout feuds would of course be his time as Undisputed champion and the HHH matches at the beginning of the decade. The feud of the year against HBK which had 3 good PPV matches. And his time as the IC champion and the great ladder match against Benoit. In WCW the feuds to review would of course be the mask match against Juventud Guerra, the one against Dean Malenko, and the short lived Goldberg one that never happened.

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    Top 25? For me, he's in the Top 10, if not higher. Man, if only WWE didn't water down movesets.

    He is one of my favorite wrestlers. He is perfect in the ring. His unique style from years of wrestling as Corazon de Leon in Mexico and then those years spent in Japan really added variety and flavor to his arsenal. When he came to America, he adapted to this style as well.

    He can entertain ANYONE and honestly, I don't think I've ever heard a person call any of his matches boring.

    Not only are his wrestling skills dominant, but his mic skills are off the charts too. Back as WWF Jericho, he was hella funny. Whenever you saw him and the Rock get together for a verbal beat down on Stephanie McMahon, you knew it would be everyone's favorite part of the night.

    He is a whiz at words and he knows exactly what to say to make you chant 'Y2J' or to make you boo and hate him. He's so good he even got that crazy lady in Canada mad enough to start punching him.

    The Lionsault he created is an awesome move that people don't seem to comprehend as being a tough move. You have to do that backflip perfectly. I mean, your feet can get caught up in the top ropes and cause you to land on your neck. You have to aim for the opponent too. Its a tough move. I think Carlito's started copying that move as well.

    Jericho is perfect in the ring and really adds to the match. When he gets his opponent in a submission hold, usually the Walls of Jericho, you can hear him yelling "ASK HIM!" louder than anyone else. He really adds the intensity to the match.

    He's definately one of the best wrestlers of all time in my book.

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    For me, it will always be Freddie Blassie. All that you wrote to describe Chris Jericho applies to Blassie. Blassie was one of the biggest stars in all of wrestling when I first saw him in 1967. The only thing Jericho has that Blassie didn't was entrance music (wrestlers didn't have that in those days). Outside of wrestling Blassie appeared on many different TV shows (including being a frequent guest on Regis Philbin's show; Blassie always claimed that HE made Regis a star), hobnobbing with Hollywood stars, and even recorded some songs. His autobiography didn't come out until very late in his life. Blassie was the wrestler who opened up and established ties with the Japanese promotions that still sees American wrestlers working in Japan and vice versa. Blassie started all of that. It wasn't just his wrestling skills, it was also his enormous charisma, peerless mic skills, and ferocious "blood-sucking vampire" gimmick that made him so successful in Japan and made the Japanese fans want to see more American wrestlers, and made him one the biggest stars the wrestling business ever had. He did all of this without an internet, Facebook, Twitter, or anything like that. It was his talents, skills, abilities, charisma, and gift of gab. Blassie is the number one "full package" pro wrestler to me. Terry Funk is another. World Champ, legend the world over, actor, author, innovator of "hardcore" in the U.S., etc etc. Ric Flair and Dusty Rhodes are two more. BQ: Although he was more popular in the Attitude Era with the Y2J character, his best-quality WORK as a professional wrestler was indeed his return in 2007 until he, uh "retired" in 2010.

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    aroud the top 15 deffo in the top 25, he is in the top 3 in the company today behind taker and HBK, he was the firs undisputed champion, 8 time intercontiental champion, for champion in mexico, japan, ecw televison champ, held belts in wcw, he was a high flyer, always entertaining, great as a heel and was a well good face as well, his debut in the wwf was the best debut ever in my oponion the crowd went crazy ( if you have neevr seen it look for it on youtube or someting )

  • I would definitely put him in the Top 25. He's in MY Top 5 Favorite! Of all-time though, he would be Top 10-15ish. He's great in every way a Pro-Wrestler should be. He's got GREAT in ring talent, GREAT mic skills, he knows what he's doing, he's solid all around, ETC. I can talk all night about him. He's got what it takes and was meant to be a Wrestler. He's great at his job.

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    Somewhere in the top 10. He's been one of my favorites since ECW. I didn't know him in Japan but have seen some videos on youtube.

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    I'd rank him amongst one of the 10-15 best wrestlers of all time.His moveset was amazing while he was wrestling for WAR in Japan.He could and can still execute the hardest of moves without making a single mistake.It's a shame that WWE has watered down his arsenal of moves.

  • Yea, Top 25, He would be at least #24 in my book. He helped revolutionize WWE and wrestling as a whole, just as much as StoneCold, The Rock etc.

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