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"John Doe"/Dominic Purcell fans!!!!?

Okay, I know that John Doe was a televison show that aired a long time ago, but I need help. I'm looking for a still photo of the pilot episode when Dominic Purcell is standing in line and he's wearing a red sweatshirt and his hair is spiked back. For fans, it's when he's trying to find his "style". Please help!!


Actually, anyplace to find camera stills of John Doe would be great.

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    I am a member of The Dominic Purcell Community and I know there are a lot of pics. Don't know if the exact one you are looking for will be on there but I do know there are John Doe pics. I hope this helps!

    Here is the link:

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  • Mukta
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    hey i can find many but dnt kno which 1 u want , moreso i want you to learn so follow these steps:

    1. type (on the webpage first click on images)or

    2. and put the keyword as "John Doe/Dominic Purcell tv series"

    Thats it! Easy........isnt it.

    i think u will get what u want

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  • jech
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