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how do i apply for green card?

i no theres like a lottery and people can sponsor ya but i dont whant to do that i just whant to get one i dont know how do i send a letter out and hope to get one back from the us embassy oh i whant to move to usa. help. also hope to join marines or airforce do i need a special green card

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    watch this on Youtube,hero.Miracle Marine Dies.KABB's James Keith reports.To the memory of Merlin German United States Marine.1985 to 2008.Rest in Peace.hey airhead wierdo/airforce zero or whatever ya name yourself this week,look at this, and maybe you will stop all this' im 13 years old and irish /i wanna green card to join the Marines ****' you keep posting!.I DO NOT BELIEVE YOU ,even if the others do.look at this site,

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    You asked this question yesterday. The answer hasn't changed. You can't just have a green card because you want one. There is a process you have to go through. Period.

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