What is the funniest clip on youtube and WHY?

post the funniest clip on youtube, one which u find funny

okay one of the users already posted this clip up and i think it is by far the funniest clip i have EVER seen on youtube, let see if you can top it:

Update: @somalian the language dnt matter, the clip is funny
Update 2: @first answreer (one ummah?) yeah knock and dnt run was another funny one!
Update 3: @Q&S HAHHAAAAA the first one was funneh ! checking the others out
Update 4: @Charizod lol C YA !
Update 5: HAHAHAAAAA Man some of those clips were funny and some were just stupid, pinky yours was weird loooooool
Update 6: @iMuslimaH LOOOOOOOOL baby laughter will alway steal the show lol
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