Australians: I hear about the fires in southern Australia and the floods towards the north. Where can you live?

I'm doing a project where I have to plan a trip to another country. I live in the U.S. but have always wanted to go to Australia so I have a few questions. What month(s) is the best to visit? What state or part of the country is the best to visit (for example I know the middle is pretty desolate)? I want to go somewhere warm -- an average of about 80-85 degrees fahrenheit that is preferably close to the coast. Is there any other language that people speak besides English? Also, let me know if you have any other information or tips that might be helpful for me. Thanks for all your help.


80-85 degrees fahrenheit = 27-29 degrees celsius

Update 2:

Yes, in parts of California there are earthquakes and wildfires. In Louisiana and a couple other southern states on the ocean, there are hurricanes. It seems like very select areas have natural disasters in the U.S. I realize people still live where there are natural disasters but I'd rather find a place where my hotel or apartment isn't going to get burned down, you know?

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    northern new south wales has the climate you seek . rarely floods or fires and stunning coast line. best time of year varies for each state and individual. northern territory is best in june to august, as is northern queensland. southern states[victoria ,south australia and tasmania ] are best around october to april. getting hot between december and february. western australia ,because it covers such a vast area varies to its best time to visit. we all speak english ,but of course there are other cultures here so there are many different languages .aussies have a good sense of humour ,some what dry. it may take you time to get it . beware of drop bears.

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    It depends on the state, really.

    Most states are at high risk of bushfires in Summer (December - February), but that is when the temperature is as high as you want it to be.

    Tasmania doesn't have many bushfires in the summer, I think I recall one over the last summer period. Victoria and New South Wales are more fireprone.

    Queensland and New South Wales are the states that flood, I think.

    Tasmania is an island, so the coast is never far away. The Australian Capital Territory (ACT) is landlocked, so the coast is hours away. All other states have borders on the coast.

    People in Australia all mainly speak English, but there are people from many countries that live here, and they can speak their own language.

    You could try Western Australia, there aren't many fires and the temperature is around 20-28 degrees usually.

    The Northern Territory is probably a bit hotter than the temperature you're looking for. It's very dry and dull.

    So I'd say Tasmania is your best option, but that's just what I think.

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    Northern New South Wales or South East Queensland has perfect weather this part is known as semi tropical . this year our summer was mostly in the low 30s . winter is glorious sunny days cooler nights. Perth also has nice weather The tropical regions are more likely to get cyclones and they only have 2 seasons wet and dry . semi tropics have 4 seasons but not as noticeable as down South where those 4 seasons are much more noticeable. Perth and the Gold coast has glorious beaches also the Sunshine coast just North of Brisbane and the top of New South Wales . Surfing goes on all year around. In the deserts the temperatures can often be extreme for many weeks on end searing heat in Summer or really cold in winter and water is very limited . so very little grows out there. The only snow is high in the mountain areas around canberra Victoria and NSW also Tasmania which is so much south. Any time of year is good to visit Australia but to visit the tropical rgions the best time is from April to September the dry season . There is less humidity then. English is our spoken language there are many Aboriginal languages but because there are about 200 they cannot be taught and then we are a multi cultural country and have many tourists one can hear many languages being spoken. New immigrants from non speaking english countries have the opportunity to learn english at taffe college or other facilities with a government funded or partly funded grant depending on their situation.

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    Although it is believed that some of the fires were deliberately set Australia has always had huge devastating fires. After the fires will come flooding because the plants that helped to prevent them are now gone. Like many areas on Earth there are now too many people to be sustained by what is there. The future will only be worse. I am sorry for the families of the people who have been lost. Nothing I have heard here in the USA has talked about the tremendous loss of animals that have also died.

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    Hmm, i think Sydney would be a good idea, close to the beach, gets warm and lots of places to see. I think going in summer would be the best time so from December to February ,, thats also the holiday time here :) As for language, the main spoken language is English, but Australia is a very multicultural place and we have people of all races here, so there are many spoken languages i guess :) Tips... idunno but include somethign about vegemmite and kangaroos :) haha.

    & also we did have tragic fires in victoria, and floods in cairns.. but in america dont you have hurricanes and floods too? people still live there in vic and cairns,, :)

    Hope you do well on you assignment, i had to do one on a trip to America a few years ago :) haha.

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    lol, in the middle.

    Best place to visit? Depends on what you like. Melbourne, Sydney, GC all nice cities.

    Victoria, Queensland, Tasmania and New South Wales are good to visit.

    but nobody uses farenheight so I am not sure what 8--85 'farenheight' actually means in celcius.

    The second largest language in Australia would be Greek or Italian, then Mandarin Chinese. but really it's mainly English.

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    Sydney is the best. Not to hot, not to cold. Plenty to do and beaches everywhere. Best to come in spring (Sept - Nov) or Autumn (March - May) cause in summer it can get to hot and winter is to cold. We dont really have any natural disasters in Sydney (no floods or fires). People speak English here but there are hundreds of other nationaliites here to so some of them would speak different languages (Cantonese, Vietnamese, Japanese, Italian, Arabic, Grrek - just to name a few)!

    Source(s): I am from Sydney
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    yes we have bush-fires and floods but so do many other countries, especially the US.

    Come to the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. We believe we live in paradise as we rarely have bush-fires and only the occasional flood. Our climate is perfect, hence the name but it is not as hot and humid as further North around Cairns. We have fabulous beaches, a wonderful lifestyle, incredible scenery and we are only one hour from Brisbane.

    Australians speak English but of course we have lots of migrants from other countries although few here on the Sunshine Coast. The various aboriginal communities around Australia all have different languages but they all speak English. We do not have a community on the Coast.

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