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What's a good over the counter sleeping pill that works FAST?

I'm leaving to Spain and it's an 18 hour flight. Unfortunately, I'll be flying economy on British Airways. So...I need a sleeping pill that will just KNOCK ME OUT during the flight. Any suggestions for a good sleeping pill or sleeping aid?

Also, what do you guys know about BA economy seating? I've never ridden before.

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    Whether you take sominex, excedrin PM, benedryl, nytol, advil PM, etc. the active ingredient for sleep is exactly the same---diphenhydramine HCL. Excedrin PM and Advil PM have extra ingredients like acetaminophen and ibuprofen that have nothing to do with sleep. They are more for pain, headaches, etc.

    You can get melatonin in health food stores and in most drug stores. I have heard that it is very successful for the jet lag you may experience. Since you will only be using it on a short term basis, 3 to 5 mg is what I would suggest. I would go to a health food store and get a high quality brand like TwinLabs, Solgar, etc. rather than saving a few bucks for a drug store brand.

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    I have a problem sleeping and was told by a friend about "restavit", I think that is how it is spelt.

    Apparently it is a antihistamine and it will make you drowsy at night.

    I feel like I am pushing drugs!

    Anyway you need to get it from the chemist, it is behind the counter.

    I have been using stilnox and have had no side effects except for my pocket, is nearly empty.

    Cannot help regarding British Airways. Have a good time.

    Don't forget to make sure you can take medications with you with a letter from your GP.

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    We use gravol in our home, the generic brand called travel aid,,is about 3$ for a 100, pills and puts us to sleep pretty good and is inexpensive,,,but after reading will give benadryl a shot

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    Teedex baby teething medicine contains painkiller and antihistimine. KO's me everytime I use it.

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    I'd go for Night Nurse..

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