Good fertilizer for Chili Pepper plants?

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What's a good organic thing to use? Thai Dragon, Anaheim, Cayenne, and Serrano plants. We have some bat guano, would that be be good?
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I would use finished compost where I'm planting. Some bat guano is good but it's high in nitrogen. Don't put too much. Add bat guano to your compost pile. It will mix in well with the other decaying stuff. If you want to use commercial fertilizer, you might want to try Osmocote.

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  • kats answered 5 years ago
    I made my own fertilizer for my veg, just save coffee grinds and tea bags onion peels orange peels even left over coffee you don't wont and ad it to your potting soil and this is organic mix .just chop it up as fine as you can and mix it in your soil this way you no just what the soil is made of . ok later
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