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HP fans please open up!!!!! Should I write a letter?

I was thinking that we should write a letter for HP fans on Y!A to get free tickets or to have some sort of contest on Y!A for HP fans to win tickets to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

Should we try it and should we contact Y!A directly or Universal Studios? Will this even work?

I'm just pumped up about the openign next year!!!!!!


feel free to star:)

Update 2:

I'll email you guys if I want you guys to look at the letter and then I'll send it on all of our behalfs ok? I'll do it tomorrow cuz I'm super busy today...

Update 3:

If you don’t want your name added just email me that you don’t want it on here and I’ll take it off. Please read and add any suggestions/changes. Should I take off the links? Should I add a joke or something? If you can write a better letter then me, send it to my email and I will send that one instead. Sorry Supporter of Snape, your name appears right side up because I couldn’t copy and paste your name without it looking all weird.

Dear Yahoo! Answers team/Universal Studios team,

We are writing this letter in regards to an idea we had concerning the opening of the Harry Potter theme park in the Universal Orlando Resort called The Wizarding World of Harry Potter along with a collaboration with Yahoo! Answers. To launch an exciting opening for The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, we believe that Yahoo! Answers and the Universal Orlando Resort should work together in giving loyal fans free tickets to theme park.

Who are loyal fans and why should we make this happen? To answ

Update 4:

To answer this question all one has to do is look in the Books & Authors section of Yahoo! Answers and see all of the Harry Potter fans asking questions, giving answers and keeping the Harry Potter excitement in full throttle. Not only would the Harry Potter fans appreciate free tickets, but would happily continue keeping the Books & authors section alive as well as continue to dedicate their time and energy helping others in questions that they might have regarding any book, but especially any question some might have concerning Harry Potter.

This opportunity would benefit both Universal Studios and Yahoo! Answers in that it will build up hype for the opening of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and for Yahoo! Answers. It would also show the generosity that both Universal Orlando Resort and Yahoo! Answers have with its loyal fans.

To see firsthand the loyalty that Harry Potter fans have on the Yahoo! Answers site please look at the following links (all lead to Yahoo! Answers)

Update 5:;_ylt=ArfDQ...;_ylt=AtWrQ...;_ylt=AkBkL...

Thank you in taking the time in reading this letter and all the best.

PS: We are signing our names at the bottom with our avatar names as it would it be dangerous for us to use our real names. (Internet safety). For links to these pages go to:;_ylt=AlnAU...


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Update 7:

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21 Answers

  • 1 decade ago
    Favorite Answer

    Absolutely Brilliant! I can't believe no one else ever thought of this.

    I sent you a email if you would kindly add me to the list, I know I am new but I am a true HP Fan like you!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Brilliant idea!

    I'll second the motion, and I'm sure many other YA / HP fans will, too.

    Maybe we can set up an online petition at

    It's mainly for activists and stuff... But I'm sure we can use it for this, too, and send the petition to both Yahoo and Universal Studios.

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  • 4 years ago

    after some time thinking, I saw Naruto chasing the Ninja Turtles across the road with Legolas on his side. 'I'll take them from here.' Legolas said, and he pull his bow. The arrow flew but it was deflected by the shell of Raphael. Naruto infuriated because Legolas misses the target, performed a Kage Bunshin technique. The griffon that was tamed by Harry Potter panicked after seeing this and vomited a blue slime on the pavement. Its head nearly hit by a train named Polar Express if it didn't slipped on the blue slime. The Ninja Turtles shouted 'Cowa bonga!' when they reached the roof top. They thought the chase was over, the people below were in chaos, the mouse runs up the clock, the clock strike one, hickory dickory dock.

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  • 1 decade ago

    That's a very ambitios plan! Of course,I support your idea 100%,however I strongly doubt those Unversal studio guys will move even a finger to make this happen... but,I'm thinking too pessimistic...Go for it :D The worst that can happen is we don't get permission to do it and everything stays like it used to be...:)

    *Edit: The letter sounds great! I sincerely hope you guys will succeed :)

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  • Anna
    Lv 4
    1 decade ago

    OMG, yeah, that'd be a great idea. so... kool~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i can't wait until HBP movie comes out, but don't know if i can go to the HP land in Universal Studios....


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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    OMG YES! That'd be totally awesome! ^_^

    ... I'm siding for the 'give us all the tickets >:) one lmao. then all of us can meet up. ^_^

    edit: Awesome letter! Have you sent it yet? To both Y!A and Universal?? Will you please post here if and when they reply? :) thanks for spending so much time on this, you're awesome! That letter sounds so well written too. ^_^

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  • 1 decade ago

    Bloody brilliant!!!

    edit: wow good job with the letter! It sounds so professional! ;) I can't wait to hear their response, although I doubt they'd say yes but u never know!!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    that is the best idea i ever heard of

    please include me!!

    it is a great idea

    tell them well there at it

    make a harry potter section =]

    i hope it works out!!!

    i am so exited for it!!!

    i cant wait to go

    if i go there i would never want to leave

    i hope people dress up

    i want to live at the theme park lol

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  • 1 decade ago

    This is an amazing idea! Thank you fellow Harry Potter fan! =]

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  • 1 decade ago

    Fourth Notion... I'd loveee to :D

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