can you water sod too much?

can you water sod to much and if so how can you tell. I water it daily and we have gotten some rain here in southeastern wis. Im starting to get a yellow tint in some areas. and they say that is from not enough water. so I have been watering it a little more. It doesnt seem to help

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Sod should not need more then one inch of water a week. If you water overhead put a rain gauge under the sprinkled area to keep up with it. A yellow tint to the grass indicates too much water or it's a low spot where water is pooling. The soil should be dry between waterings. A long slow soak is better then a quick saturation. Yes, you can water sod too much.

  • 1 decade ago

    absolutely you can water it too much. If your sod is turning yellow that could be an indication of too much water. Another thing it could mean in a cooler climate is that you may have a fungus starting. Fungus thrives in moist cool climates. I would suggest backing off of watering it and seeing what happens. It will not die right away if it gets a little dry. If it starts to wilt and look dry, by all means water it!

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