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Anonymous asked in Computers & InternetProgramming & Design · 1 decade ago

What languages should I learn to build e-commerce websites?

My question is fairly simple. What languages should I learn to build websites? I have a book that teaches me HTML, XHTML, and CSS. I was planning on branching out to php and MySQL after that. What about after that? I want to develop business websites for myself and family members were users can browse products, save them to shopping carts, even log in with their own user name so they can apply their member discount to all their purchases. Also I want to build personal blog websites, forums, ect.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    You are in the right path. Proceed with your learning with html, css and then go for php and mysql, then the whole of the internet world is yours!

    You can just play around with these languages to create powerful websites that can facilitate features like carts, login (can be effected through php 'sessions') and almost what ever you want.

    Besides these i would suggest you learning some JavaScript(you dont need to master that. just a few basics will do for form validations, etc)

    And if you really have much time, then you can learn AJAX. AJAX is just to enhance the browsing experience, like when you place your mouse pointer on name to the left here, it displays my score, best answers etc. This is one example for ajax.

    If ajax were not to be employed in this scenario, then it would have been like you should click the my name here and it ll take you to a new page and display the score, etc only there.

    Thus ajax can be like some sort of enhancement on your webpage's design and is not really needed for every website to use ajax.

    So, for now concentrate on learning HTML with CSS. Its the ultimate frame where all the other languages work on.

    You might also wish to refer some good tutorials out in the net. Here are the links to some good tutorials :

    Hope this helps. Happy learning! :)

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    First of all, good luck :P

    Xhtml, css, php/asp, mysql are a must.

    Javascript will spice things up, Ajax will provide better interactivity.

    Php is easier to use / less expensive, asp will only run on servers running IIS, not apache or any other app for that matter.

    ASP will get u further if you're going to go big, it has more functions and basically can do more.

    Ajax will provide real time updates on the client side and is usually backed by php or asp. Think of search as you type, or login without refreshing the page or adding stuff to the shopping carts without refreshing.

    Hope this helps...

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    As you may know a domain name is just a name, not a real website. If you are going to create your website: 1- Buy a domain name. A domain name is a name you want to call your website. To get a domain name, you have to pay an annual fee to a registrar for the right to use that name. 2- Buy a web hosting service to provide your online space and enable you to get your website online at your purchased domain name.

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    Good Luck!

  • 1 decade ago

    You will deinitely need HTML, CSS as you have said.

    You might also need:

    Javascript, for client side scripting.

    PHP is a good choice for a backend (business logic), I know many companies use it, but for your future you should learn something like Java or ASP.NET. Big companies run on those solutions.

    Java Server Pages should let you do everything you ever need on the e-commerce side.

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