anyone been to Tenerife?

I would like like to know wot this place is like 4 a single mum with two kids aged 13 & 11 but not in2 water parks but v interested in wildlife parks,hotels,currency,if things r expensive or not ,food any info welcome.many long flight from manchester airport?


I would like 2 thank everybody 4 the answers u have given me sounds great next year 4 us as we have a holiday booked 4 this year,many thanks.

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    Teneriffe is part of the Canary Islands group. It is Spanish owned but not part of the European Union (status is a bit like the Channel Islands). The currency is the Euro and they are in the same Time Zone as the United Kingdom so you will not have to alter your watch. You will need a valid passport. There are loads of cashpoints so you don't have to take lots of money with you but be careful of bank charges up to £5 every time you use one.

    The flight is about 4h30m and if you're flying with Thomson airline the plane will be cramped. They have the shortest seat pitch that they can get away with. Meals are £12 per head each way (£64 for the 3 of you) but they do provide a relief during the flight They also have an in-flight film but you have to buy headphones (£2 each) if you want to listen. Make sure that you budget for these costs.

    Teneriffe is a fantastic island. What there is to do depends on where you are staying. If you are in Playa las Americas you will be in "Club 18-30" territory with loud late night (early morning) bars and some vomit on the pavements. This place and the other east coast towns are often the targets for boat-people illegal immigrants from Africa.

    If you stay down south in the village of Los Gigantes (or the nearby towns) you will have a quieter night life but there are still some good restaurants and pubs. It's very popular with families and singles of all ages but doesn't attract the party-all-night-and-get ratted crowd. There is a small but great beach.

    The capital, Santa Cruz de Teneriffe, is a meduim size town with quite a lot to do but your young teens may find the lack of a doorstep beach a bit offputting.

    Do try and get on evening excursions to Castel St Angelo for the Mediaeval Jousting evening. You'll all love that (your really will, I promise).

    Get an early trip up the volvano Mt Teide. This can get crowded and is cold on top of the mountain so take a coat or thin woolie and DO NOT wear open toed sandalls because of the very sharp volcanic rock.

    There is a place called Loro Parc (Parrot Park) which is very good and most companies and hotels have regular excursions.

    Most weeks you can join "Jeep" excursions through the off-road tracks around the mountain foothills. Great fun but a bit jolty.

    These excursions can cost about €30 - €50 each so they're not cheap but they are well worth it because they're superb and you will not be getting the best from the island if you don't try them. Always carry your camera.

    Don't buy cameras or other electronic stuff because they're all "grey imports" to the European Union and when you get home you'll find the guarantee is worthless.

    It's not worth hiring a car because the busses and taxis are cheap and plentiful.

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    In Tenerife you can certainly do such a thing you are feeling like any time of the entire year thanks to their weather, organic surroundings and tourist infrastructure created for enjoyment for the family which means this place is the perfect place for an excellent holiday and with hotelbye you can get it. In Tenerife are a lot of things waiting for you to learn and one particular is in the south west coast of Tenerife. A place that is a magnificent spot for watching whales free in the ocean. Up to 26 species are located only down the shore, including baleen whales, monster whales, dolphins, pilot whales and also blue whales. In Tenerife you may also see The Teide National Park. At 3,718 metres, Teide volcano is Spain's best maximum and its two ecosystems produce the climb an event saturated in contrasts.

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    I was in Los Gigantes for a week three weeks ago.

    We were in El Marques Palace, with a nice heated swimming pool and generally a very nice place to stay, about 400 a week.

    My girls are about the same age as your children and we visited Monkey Park (, 5-10 minutes from the airport in the south. It is partly a zoo (I don't like zoos) and partly cages where you can walk in and feed the animals. We spent 2 hours with the lemurs and monkeys, you can stroke them, they look very alive and who knows maybe they are happy. Off the same motorway junction you also have the botanical gardens, a small version of the one in Puerto de la Cruz, well worth a visit. Also went to see a thousand year old tree in Icod de los Vinos. But mostly of course you must walk up the Teide (3718 m) and other wildlife walks in the interior or in the mountain ranges. The Teide caldera is simply out of this world. Enjoy!

    Flight 4.5 hours from London Luton, not sure about Manchester

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    I went to Tenerife last July and it sooo nice. They have nice wildlife trips, well, the one i went on was nice i went out on a boat and we saw lots of dolphins and whales and then you get to swim in the middle of the sea which was really nice. The company that did that trip was I think free bird so i would defanitely recommend that trip. The hotel which i stayed at was very nice too. It was laguna park i think and although you said no to waterparks there is a waterpark next to it but there is an amazing dolphin show. I wennt from gatwick and i think it was bout 4 hours so from manchester probs bout 4 1/2 hours, i dunno lol. yeah it was a really nice holiday you should go there. I am 14 and i went with my younger sister who is 10 and my mum who is also a single mum and we enjoyed it lots. :)

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    i ave been there twice on family holidays and had a great time.went from gatwick its a 4 hour flight the people are nice and friendly and the weather was lovely..downside at the moment is the euro when we went out it was worth alot more to the £..turkey is a good idea at moment because they still have there own currency so your money should go further which when you have a family is important..Good luck with whatever you decide to do.

    Source(s): Lauren underneath me..Good answer the dolphin park was great.
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    You will love it. Drive to the Teide, Los Gigantes, Santa Cruz, etc. If you stay in the north there is more history and culture. If you stay in the south it is more resporty but the island is small so you can see a lot on your trip.

    It is very affordable by European standards.

    Enjoy your trip.

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    I'm no expert but from what i can recall Tenerife south is where the major nightlife is (or was anyway)

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