Can anyone recommend a good insurance company to buy condo insurance from?

I've gotten tons of quotes and don't know who to pick. Help! TIA!


Do you have condo insurance? If yes, which company and why did you pick them? Thanks!

Update 2:

I live in San Francisco, California.

Update 3:

I've gotten quotes from State Farm, Allstate, Liberty Mutual, and Homesite. My auto insurance company is Geico, unfortunately they don't offer home insurance.

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    It would be helpful to know which companies you got quotes from. If you can its better to get your condo insurance with the same company that carries your auto insurance so you will get discounts on both policies. In other words keep the same company for both policies.

    I would take one of the first 3 companies you mention. I never heard of that last one.

    And, whichever company you pick switch your auto insurance company to them too. You get great discounts having both policies with the same company.

    I think State Farm is best, but I am biased. So be sure to ask other people as well.

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    Go with the company that writes your car insurance. That way, you get up to a 25% discount on the car insurance, and up to 25% on the condo insurance, too.

    Seriously, condo policies are very cookie cutter. ANY A rated carrier is going to be fine (well, I'd avoid AIG or any subsidiaries).

    You should call a local, independent agent, and get quotes for both your car and condo, with a variety of companies - like Travelers. So far, you've only called direct writers. Call a few independents, you might be pleasantly surprised. Find one near you at

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    You should look at what other insurance you currently have. If you have a car, call your broker/agent. Often times you can get a discount if you have multiple policies from one company.

    It also depends on what they are offering vs what you NEED. If you live in CA- most especially SF, you should definitely get EQ insurance. Also if you have an HOA you are paying out to request those documents to see what they cover. See if the HOA has EQ insurance and how much.

    Source(s): worked in a insurance brokerage for three years.
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    Try a local Nationwide Insurance agent. If you purchase your condo insurance from them, you will get a discount on your car and condo if you switch your auto to them as well.

    Source(s): Retired agent, 30 yrs.
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    I used Allstate. The cost was only $27 a month...great company to deal with.

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    Depending on the State Erie Insurance

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