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I like this guy! I'm in serious trouble! PLEASE HELP ME!?

So me and this guy were in a play together. He is 18 and I am 14. So anyways, The director said that we needed an acoustic guitar, so i let them borrow mine. So to make a long story short, I wanted to know if he (the 18 yr old) wanted to keep the guitar as a keepsake b/c he was graduating and I didn't really want it anymore. So I got the nerve to text him saying if he had a second to answer a question. this is what it said

"You don't need permission to ask me a question. Just go ahead and ask. What is it?"

Do you find that relpy mean? or just fine? What should I say back? PLEASE HELP ME! I BEG OF YOU!!!! :(

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    nope hes telling you that don't permission from him.

    Well if you really want to give him the guitar then say...

    "Hey since your graduating this year i was wondering if you wanted my guitar like as a keepsake. I wont be offended if you say no."

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    I don't think he's being mean. I think he's being respectful. He's saying you have no reason to have to ask permision. You have a right to ask whatever you want.

    He wasn't saying, "Ya, sure, spit it out" He was saying yes, of course you can.

    It is my opinion that the age will be an issue for him, so don't get your hopes too far up, but be brave, hope for what you want, and accept what you get. If he says no, realize that there is a good chance that in his mind you are too young. There could be no other reason beyond that. So don't feel too hurt and rejected if the answer is no, he may just be protecting you, especially if he does like you too. If he says no, ask him why (calmly, just Do you mind if I ask why? and really listen to his answer.

    But good luck. I hope it works out for you

    I miss read. I thought you wanted to ask if he liked you too and wanted to start something. Yes, ask if he would like to keep the guitar. Tell him you really enjoyed spending time with him in the band, that you think he was great with the guitar, and would like him to have it as a keepsake so he can remember.

    That's subtly saying you like him, he can take that however he wants it

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    It could be...

    If you say it out loud in a mean way it sound really harsh, but if you say it just sweetly out loud it sounds fine. maybe he was just trying to make sure that you knew that he preferred it if you just asked him and it came out wrong because he was a bit hacked off. Or maybe he didn't mean it in horrible way at all and you just misinterpreted the language. I think he didn't mean it in a horrible way and you have just read the text in the wrong way.

    ...But I'm not sure

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    no just go ahead and answer. and dont forget 2 mention u want his cock! just messin with u

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