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The disgracefull rebecca loos woman tries to loose her baby on purpose for public sympathy?!?

She doesn't deserve to have children.

Look at the web of lies she is spinning.

she is selling the poor baby, before it's even born.

it was one thing with david beckham, but now this..


I don't care!

it's her own fault if her gastric band burst!

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    actually, i think this woman knows that no-one is interested in her or her baby........that's why she was at the cinema when she fell ill, the real attention seekers like Kerry Katona like to act like celebrities by "not doing normal hobbies or activities", walking around with huge scarfs and sunglasses on because they want to give the impression that they are "a tortured artist" when actually they bask in this limelight. i think this is why Rebecca is trying to get Now's attention, because she knows that hello and OK! won't be interested when she finally pops, because we all know that hello and OK! are only interested in the attention who*res that have been around since at least 2002.

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    She didn't "try" to lose it. She can't help feeling ill...

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