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What are the top 10 beaches in the Philippines and why do you like them?

I'm planning to go to the beach this trip and I'm wondering what the best beaches are and what makes them special to you so maybe I can visit them.

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    Hi! These are the Philippines' top 10 beaches. Click on the hyperlinks for their pictures.

    1. Boracay (Aklan Province): Needless to say, Boracay is considered as the Philippines' premier beach resort island. Dining and nightlife are characterized by unlimited choices 24-hours a day. This is also the place to bump elbows with Manila's elite and well-seasoned travelers from every continent of the world. True to its name, Boracay's beaches are really..white.

    2. El Nido (Palawan Province): This is one beach in the Philippines characterized by white sand beaches flanked by coralline reefs and limestone crags similar to China's Guilin. The beaches are lesser in size than Boracay but what makes it up is the incredible seaside cliffs around it, as well as the laid-back environment.

    3. Bacuit Archipelago (Palawan Province): Just beside El Nido, comprised of numerous limestone islands. Not really a beach per se, but more of a kayaking and a diving spot. The islands here are simply spectacular and a lot breathtaking than that of Thailand.

    4. Caramoan Peninsula (Camarines Sur Province): This is the site for Survivor France. This is touted as the next Boracay with its white beaches, but with significantly less tourists and establishments. The place has a National Park which has caves, limestone formations, white sandy beaches, an islet lake and a subterranean river, make it popular with tourists.

    5. Amanpulo (Palawan Province): This elite enclave is open only for members. A perfect paradise, according to its visitors, including but not limited to Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, and Michael Jackson. This is said to be Asia's most expensive beach resort. It is actually an exclusive club catering to jet-setters.

    6. Malapascua Island (Cebu Province): The island was first known for its wide white sand beach, known as Bounty Beach; it has become known for its beautiful coral gardens and excellent dive spots nearby, including Monad Shoal, an underwater plateau where thresher sharks and manta rays can be sighted on a regular basis. To date, this is the only place in the world where divers can reliably sight thresher sharks.

    7. Camiguin (Camiguin Province): Camiguin, known as the Hidden Eden of the Philippines, is an island province known for its huge volcanoes, sunken cemeteries, and waterfalls, in addition to its beaches. Its' most spectacular beach is the White Island, a sandbank which extends from one island to another. Its' beach is as white as Boracay.

    8. Island Garden City of Samal (Davao del Norte Province): Contains the Pearl Farm Beach Resort, with rooms right on top of the sea.

    9. Biri Islands (Western Samar Province): Beaches with weird limestone formations. Very reminiscent of beaches in England, Australia, and northern Europe.

    10. Sicogon (Iloilo Province): Pretty much like Boracay. This is where tourists flock, before the discovery of Boracay on the 1970s.

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    Here is the top 10 beaches of the Philippines.

    10. Siargao Island - This teardrop shaped island is located 800 kilometers southeast of Manila. It is considered to be the Surfing Capital of Asia and of the Philippines. Its proximity to the Philippine Deep and coupled by the waves of the Pacific has made Siargao island a popular venue for surfers. Watch out for local and international surfing competitions throughout the year. This is location is great for adventure seekers.

    9. Pearl Farm resort - The Pearl Farm beach resort is one of the best resorts located in the Davao, southern part of the Philippines. The place used to be a pearl farm where they cultivated pearls but they have now transoformed it into a resort for everyone to enjoy.

    8. El Nido - Considered to be the country's final fronteir, El nido is located in Palawan (island of the gods). This place offers great beaches at the same time take you away from the hustle an bustle of Urban life. Aside from its magnificent beaches El nido offers its visitors breathtaking sights of beautiful seacapes, towering marble cliffs and diverse wildlife.

    7. Honda Bay - a series of islands that surround the capital of the southwestern province of Palawan. Visitors can enjoy a series of different activities from island hopping to diving and experience the cool waters of Honda Bay.

    6. Dakak - is a private beach resort that about 750 meters long. Dakak Beach Resort is located near the provinces of Cebu and Dumaguete. It is situated in the city of Dapitan, exactly 15 minutes away from Jose Rizal's (Philippine National hero) place of exile. Natural spring waters from waterfalls supplies water to the pools of the resort. To reach Dakak Dipolog city will be the point of entry and a must try restaurant called KenDoughMagic Kaffei is located in this city. Many foreigners frequent this place because of the quality food and service.

    5. Camiguin - The place has been affectionately called by some as the "Garden of Eden" in the Philippines. This pear shaped island is located off the coast of Misamis Oriental in northern Mindanao. It has great topography that will really lure you to come back again.

    4. Panglao island - also known as the "little paradise of pure hearts", it is located near the island of bohol. The small island is known for its peaceful beach resorts and a variety of dive sites. One of the best destination for divers in the Philippines.

    3. Mactan Island - The queen city of the south, Cebu city, has its fair share of beautiful beaches and historical landmarks. It is a tropical island resort where there are a lot of activities to do and enjoy.

    2.Pagudpud - If you are looking for a place that you might compare to Hawaii then Pagudpud is the place for you. This secluded beach has long continuous white sands and inviting beachwaters. Very good place for long romantic walks on the beach.

    1 Boracay - is the destination of choice for most locals and foreigners alike. The white sands and the cool waters of boracay is the backdrop to the hippest parties and events. They party the night away with great music and drinks coupled with a mix of fun-loving people. Tourist flock to the beach of boracay the whole year round. And it has become probably the most busiest beach in the Philippines.

    Source(s): I just copy all the information on the site so that you don't need to look forward on the site...Try these resorts and i hope you have a nice vacation in the Philippines.
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    1. Boracay, Aklan- It has always been the favorite place of beach goers to go in the Philippines. White sand, beautiful sunset, lots of water activities, friendly people and cool waters. Boracay is the place for people looking to party, night life at the long beach strip lasts until the wee hours. It is even considered as one of the finest beaches in the world. The island boasts of a mile long beach strip full of hotels, shops and people, both local and foreign.

    2. Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte-If you’re looking for a place that can be like Hawaii, Pagudpud is the place to visit. Located at the topmost part of Luzon, the strong winds and waves can be compared to that of Hawaii which makes this place often visited by surfers. Pagudpud also has long continuous white sands and inviting beach waters for people looking to just swim. Compared to Boracay, this place is more secluded.

    3. Mactan Island, Cebu-Located in Cebu, this island has one of the most lavish hotels in the counrty. With private beaches, it offers an exciting range of recreation activities and total relaxation, with modern amenities and excellent services; it is a modern tropical island resort. The place provides tourist with great entertainment such as night life activities that will spice up the visit making it a perfect getaway for fun under the sun.

    4. Panglao, Bohol-The island is famous for its world class diving locations and is home to numerous tourist resorts. At the pristine Alona Beach, tours can be organized to world famous diving sites, if you love to dive visiting Panglao is the place to be. This place is a tiny island found hidden in it’s bigger nearby island of Bohol.

    5. Camiguin- The place, which rhymes with “come again”, has been known to be one of the most beautiful places in the Philippines because it still seems like a paradise. Some people even consider the place the “Garden of Eden” in the country. Camiguin has a great topography that includes waterfalls, and the hot and cold springs. The place will be mesmerizing and will definitely tempt you to go back.

    6. Dakak, Davao- The very popular Dakak Beach is most known for its beautfiully shaped cove and powdery white sand, and as a diving mecca in Mindanao. Pristine blue waters, excellent dive sites with an abundance of coral reefs, and a magnificent sunset horizon characterize this tropical eden. Dakak Park and Beach Resort boasts 15 hectares of wooded land, a natural reservoir for native plants and animals, and a 750-meter private white-sand beach.

    7. Honda Bay, Palawan- These are islands that surround the capital of the South Western province of Palawan. Among these islands, the tourist can go island hopping, diving and swim on the cool waters. In one of the islands, one can see the variety of fishes without swimming out too deep. Framing the rugged and intriguing coastline of the capital of Palawan, Puerto Princesa City is Honda Bay. Its blue cool waters are dotted with islets that assure one of a pure-pleasure experience. From snorkeling in its clear waters to the more adventurous island hopping within its enclaves to simply having a picnic in the fine sand of its beach areas, Honda Bay is sure to leave a lasting impression on the visitor.

    8. El Nido, Palawan- The place is always known as the country’s last frontier and sometimes “the Island of the Gods”. This place offers great beaches that will take you away from the city life. It is the best place to go if you are looking for peace and serenity. The place offers beautiful landscapes, diving sites, cave explorations, kayaking, water activities and island hopping.

    9. Pearl Farm, Davao- Located at the far south in the city of Davao, lies the premier beach resort know as the Pearl Farm. The place offers more than what you are looking for, with its tranquil and exotic sceneries one cannot ask for a more relaxing and quiet retreat. Blessed with various natural wonders of flora and fauna, the place no longer has the pearls you are looking for, but it is surely an experience you will never forget.

    10. Siargao, Surigao del Norte- The island is a “Surfer’s Dream”. The surfing capital of the Philippines, the island boast of the best surfing conditions in the country. The place offers you waves that can curl up to 12 feet high. Aside from the waves, the place also has beaches that still remain unspoiled by urban lifestyle. Surfers from all over the world put Siargao on their surfing destinations throughout the year.

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