If Dale Jr quit racing tommorow?

If he just said to hell with it, and walked away. Who would be the next driver for hater nation to sit here and bash on? I mean come on there's got to be some good candidates out there.Some underachieving driver like Kevin Harvick, some drivers who really do get by on name alone like Casey Mears and Paul Menard. Let's see the list.


I hope I don't fall into any of those catagories bestanswer(then again I do acknowledge other drivers on the track), and yes Jr does leave me scratching my head at times.

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    He would only be missed by his fans...it's not like he's running near the front every week, anyway, as it is. He's basically a non-factor. A large percentage of his fans can be divided up into 3 categories:

    1. Fans of his dad...went to Jr - These are the Jr. fans that don't care if he finishes 43rd every week, they will always be his fan, just because he's an Earnhardt. They don't care how bad he does. If he leaves the sport, they will look for another Earnhardt to cheer for...if there are none, they will quit watching all together...not true fans.

    2. Fans because of the media...these are the ones that probably didn't know much about Dale Sr. but always seen Jr. wearing his Wrangler, drinking his Bud's, and getting jacked up on AMP on the commercials so they assumed he had to be the best driver in NASCAR to be the one they seen on TV most...so they started watching. These are probably the ones that after watching a few races now they are starting to wonder if they should find a new driver, or what's going wrong with Dale Jr. to make him keep finishing bad. If Jr. quit racing, they'd find a (hopefully) better driver that produces some excitement.

    3. Delusional - Beer throwers, who think Jr. is the only car on the track...very similar to #1, but these are the ones that make all the excuses as to why Jr. is losing. But they are running out of them...if Jr. quit they'd probably quit watching as well, cause they are not true fans either (How can anyone throw beer at another driver?)

    Source(s): Let me clarify he does have some true fans on here that realize he isn't perfect and makes a lot of mistakes like dalejr4ever, foxfire, Steffy, boondie and a few others that I can't think of right now...but you read a lot of answers that say Go Dale!!! Booo (Insert driver name here)!!! and you know that those people have probably not watched a full race in their life ------------------------------------------------------ You don't wedge...I went to work after I posted this answer and forgot to clarify that you were not one of the people I was referring to...which I was hoping you knew by me answering this question lol...but no I definitely wasn't referring to you, or anyone in particular, just generally.
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    Theres so many drivers on here that people do alot of hating on as well as Dale Jr. They would just bash Kyle Busch more than they do now, the way Kyle Busch is being bashed reminds me of the day when everyone hated Jeff Gordon, and those Rainbow Warriers, I felt that was uncalled for. It just goes to show you that fans hate you when you win and hate you when you loose. Its never ending. I'm sure some of the Jr Nation haters would start hating Brad Keselowski, Kerry Earnhardt and even Jeffrey Earnhardt, Its been going on forever so I just ignore the haters, life is just to short for hating on any driver. Get a life people.

    Go Dale Jr & Hms

  • Bill
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    1 decade ago

    Im sure they would find someone and it doesn't have to be an underachieving driver, if you remember when Jeff Gordon started

    his nascar career, he outran everyone consistently, and I'm sure you are familiar with the trash talk about him.

    So I'll say it will be a driver that outruns their favorite driver every week ( Maybe Kyle Busch)

  • JohnF
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    1 decade ago

    Not to very clever question..Jeff Gordon has taken more abuse from the so called nation than Jr. could ever possible take..then what about Kyle? look at all the hate there..two of the best drivers ever in nascar..and totally hated by the so called nation...they win tho..ha..ha

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    1 decade ago

    I think Best Answer pretty much nailed it but would just like to add...I think you misunderstand the so-called Jr 'haters'. People that you call Jr haters actually are haters of his 'fans', or as I like to call them lemmings (Definition: a member of a large group of people who blindly follow one another on a course of action). They don't give any other driver the respect that they deserve and get mad and name call when the sentiments are reciprocated. ALL OF HIS FANS DO NOT FALL INTO THAT CATEGORY, his true fans don't call him the best current driver and make every feeble excuse for him under the Sun when he loses or throw things at another driver that wins a race. His fan base is lop-sided with no logical explanation. It is fine to root for whichever driver you like, but be realistic and mature about it and I think you will find the 'haters' will disappear because they are only perceived as 'haters' because they are realistic and think that the lemmings are a joke.

    As far as 'hater nation' finding someone else to hate, that statement has no basis for truth because none of the drivers you mentioned, or didn't mention, are VICTIMS of immature fans.

    Source(s): Dale Jr is over88ted
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    Don't forget to add John Andretti to your list, but Kasey Kane and Kyle Busch would be the hater nation front runners.

  • ?
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    3 years ago

    No, yet you trolls could ought to locate yet another driving force to rag on. i will supply you some helpful tricks. Ryan Newman-a million win on condition that 2005 Kevin Harvick- hasn't won in 2 yrs, and easily 11 wins finished in spite of employing what have been repainted #3 automobiles.

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    Questions like this only add fuel to the fire. The Jr. haters know they're getting to you and they're going to keep doing it until you and the rest of Jr. Nation quit feeding them.

    Just a suggestion: Ignore the haters, and quit feeding them.

    Source(s): Experience.
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    Easy. Kyle Busch.

  • 1 decade ago

    The haters hare Busch because he wins and dont care what everybody thinks THe haters hate Jr because he is an overrated has been living on his daddy's name

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