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What credentials are needed to become politician?

For undergraduate, for graduate/post-graduate. What I mean is, what majors in college should be taken?

Or a judge instead of a politician.

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    To become a judge you generally have to be a lawyer first and practice for a while, then be elected to the office. In undergraduate you can pretty much major in anything and then pursue a JD post-grad.

    If you are really interested in politics try to find an undergraduate major like public policy, political science, or even international affairs.

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    To become a politician you would need to major in Deceit, lying, thieving and expenses or bribe taking.

    To be a judge I have no idea but probably the same but thieving may be a problem.

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    1 u need to know what you want to be

    2 A citizen with a desire to register as a candidate with a mandate for change, of course.

    3 There are no majors in politicians, just politics, sort-of, its called politcal science.

    Source(s): Actually ran for a City Commission seat.
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    Politics is frankly a acceptance contest. you've got thick dermis and understand the wonderful human beings. regrettably, this is not WHAT you already know, this is WHO you already know. start up out domestically and see in case you like it. often times there are no applicants working for particular seats, or a minimum of no opposition. they are asserting the 1st one on the checklist gets nearly all of the votes of people who have not got a decision and merely "p.c.. one". this is not for each man or woman and you will in no way please each and all the persons.

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    To be a white house Democrat you have to have a record of tax evasion

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    if you want to be a Dem, be a lawyer, sue rich people and make a name for yourself, if you want to be a Republican, study business, succeed, and then move into a position of power. (the more sensible route)

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