What does "public domain" or "pd" mean?

I was watching iCarly with my little sister (the Sam's Birthday" episode). Carly started singing "Happy Birthday" to Sam, but Freddie said "whoa whoa whoa not PD." It also said something about singing a public domain song in the "iSpy a Mean Teacher" episode. what does it mean?

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    It means that no one owns it, there is no copyright, no trademark, nothing that requires you to pay someone for it. "Happy Birthday" is copyrighted so if you sing it on television you have to send money to the owners of the song. Yep, the most popular birthday song ever is owned by someone and requires payment for commercial purposes.

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    Public domain (or PD) basically means that a song, literary work (like a novel or a poem) or motion picture has had its copyright expire and was either not renewed or abandoned.

    Currently, copyrights in the US last for 28 years and are renewed for an additional 28 years plus the author's lifetime. If the copyright isn't renewed, the work (song, book, etc.) becomes literally the property of the public.

    There are cases of some material (the Universal Studios newsreel footage from 1928-1967 for instance) that was intentionally placed into public domain after it was donated to the Library of Congress; some photographers and stock footage producers intentionally make their work public domain. Another type can be found in the $1 DVD racks of your local stores; episodes of popular TV series (Bonanza, Beverly Hillbillies) that didn't have their copyrights properly renewed in the Eighties and went PD.

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    When something has been in existence, which was never copy write,or patented for a period of a year or more,no one can claim it by way of a Paten or a copy write. That is what is called public domain. Hence "PD".

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    Loosely speaking, something in the public domain belongs to the public. Usually songs that are really old eventually become public domain when no one holds a copyright to them anymore. Once that happens, anyone can use it without having to pay royalties to the copyright holder.

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