Who was the first celebrity...?

...you had a crush on? Please post a pic of that person. =)
Update: Ed: Lucy Liu was your first crush? Wow. Well, I've always been fond of her acting, but I really don't think she's attractive at all. I've seen numerous Asian actresses that are a lot more stunning than her.
Update 2: Shellster: Aww, he's really cute. I've always had a crush on this Chinese actor when I was younger. I never know his name though, but he was HOT!! My second crush was this Taiwanese actor:
Update 3: Shellster: You saw Meter Graden before? That's really cool because I actually started having a crush on him when I saw the drama in 2003. I was only 12 back then. ^_^! But his portrayal of Doa Ming Si was astounding.
Update 4: Lady V: OMG! I used to LOVE Leo when he was in Titanic. He was sooo hot back then!!
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