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What Is There To Do In San Diego?

I'm visiting San Diego for three days in the middle of January next year, and was wondering what kind of touristy things there are to do there. I'm thinking the zoo and Sea World, but is there anything else?

Also what is the best mall for shopping, and is there an ihop and T.G.I Friday in San Diego (I'm after some American food)?


I don't live in America by the way so i want to have ihop cause they don't have it here. I'm not actually a fatty

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    There's lots of fun touristy things to do in San Diego, it really depends on what kind of stuff you like, how old are you, and if you have kids or no. Look here for some quicky ideas:

    Definitely check out the beaches. La Jolla Shores is good for digging in the sand, and kayaking and walking around. La Jolla Cove is great for walking around: there's a paved path that weaves along the shoreline, caves carved by the ocean, and wild seals at the Children's pool. See here and click onto beaches bottom of page:

    Shopping: Seaport Village is a fun touristy place to shop but not for clothes. Here is more specialized boutiques that are cool to look at. Check it out.

    If you want shopping mall shopping, then try Horton Plaza for cool architecture; Fashion Valley shopping mall where the rich and famous (well, rich anyway) like to shop; and UTC shopping mall for generic walk around shopping. all these malls have pretty much the same stores (Gap, Macy, Starbucks, etc)

    If you're into cultural events, you should go to Balboa Park. There's 10+ museums here, 10+ public gardens, and scheduled evens.

    There is a TGIF on La Jolla Village Drive. There are iHOPs too. But maybe you want to try something a little more interesting:

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    There are some great sport fishing day trips to catch yellow tail, albacore, and ling/rock cod. If a day trip is too long try the twilight trip that leaves at 6pm and comes back at 10pm. The Bahia hotel on west mission bay drive in mission beach has the " Bahia Bell " a three story paddle boat with live bands and drinks. It cruises around the inland bay stopping at all the local bars to let you off for one hour then it returns every hour to pick you back up. It's a great nighttime activity.Go over the big blue bridge to Coronado Island and see the Hotel Del Coronado.Get a tide book at a local marina and see if there is a grunion run that week. They are fish that beach themselves by the thousands to spawn on a high tide.It is quite a sight to see. Rent bicycles at mission beach and ride the boardwalk up to pacific beach and back.Takes about 2 hours ( bars along the way). Ride the roller coaster at mission beach.Go out Friars rd in mission valley just past the football stadium to the Mission San Diego De Acalia. It is the first church ever built in California in 1769.The church is magnificent and grounds are beautiful. Buy a couple of swim masks and snorkels ( about $20 a set) Go to La Jolla and check out "the cove" or childrens cove for lots of cool fish to see. During those activities you will undoubtably stumble on more things to do so that should get you started. G'Luck Lad.

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    You have to visit the beautiful beaches we have : La Jolla, PB, OB and go to Encinitas beach.. it is awesome

    Cabrillo Monument is a must

    Go to Coronado Island

    If you like views... go see the Soledad Monument at La Jolla... sunset is the best time.

    There is TGI Friday and Ihop... but I tell you... find new places to eat... the place I believe there is a lot of healthy and nice restaurants is in Hillcrest.

    I hope you enjoy San Diego.. I sure do!

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    Ihop and TGI friday??? You are going to San Diego so you can leave your Ihop cravings home and try some real food!

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