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Why the heck were "Juno" and Ellen Page nominated for Oscars?

I mean... WHAT?!

Okay, I know its old news but I only just rented Juno the other week cos I thought well it got nominated over sooo many amazing movies, so this must be INCREDIBLE.

And so I watched it and I was left with a feeling of disgust... I mean why??

There were soooo many movies out that year with incredible everything, amazing acting, amazing cinematography, amazing directing, etc, etc.... like The Assassination of Jesse James by The Coward Robert Ford or Into The Wild, etc, etc??

And then there's Ellen Page... in my opinion she shouldn't have even been considered for a goddamn Oscar let alone nominated for goodnes sake?

Its not like it was a difficult role for her to play since her offscreen personality pretty much reflects "Juno." She is one of those "Oh I'm so mature, I don't care what anyone thinks of me" annoying teenagers... gahhh this just p!sses me off so much!! The academy always gets it wrong but this is an all-time low...


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    I hate Ellen Page more than a rape victim would hate her rapist. Yeah, that's how much I hate her. In my honest, movie critic opinion, she shouldn't have gotten any awards for playing "herself" in the movie Juno. If you've seen any of her interviews, she IS JUNO. She played herself in the movie. She's a sarcastic, pompous, arrogant little girl who does nothing but play the same role in movies. She type casted herself into those roles.

    Another thing. Stripper turned screen writer Diablo Cody or Cody Diablo, whatever the hell her name is. She got an oscar for best screen play? Oh my Jesus Christ. Now I know that the oscars are full of crap.

    That movie brings out so much anger out of me because of those two. You have no idea.

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    I don't know if you're talking about Ellen Page as Juno or just Ellen Page, so I will touch on both. She is like 22 in real life, so not even a teenager. And as far as her playing Juno, totally agree, annoying little b word. Little miss know it all, I'm too cool for school. But, we believed it. That's her job, to play that character. And she did such a great job that we're like wow this girl is annoying! I understand where you're coming from though.

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    It's because the topic & character was so controversial -- the whole thing where she went to Planned Parenthood or whatev & decided to keep her baby after learning it had toes I they thought the filmmakers were really brave, they showed the issue in a tasteful, cute, funny, light way. And then Ellen Page...I'm not really sure why she was nominated!!! I personally don't think her performance was quite Oscar worthy.

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    Critics have a different way of seeing films, dude. Not like us. They're more experienced with films, they study screenplays, & background histories.

    I can see why she was nominated. & trust me, that's not her real personality. That's totally Juno, not Ellen. To think, a teenager like her, her cute personality, in fact someone like her, gets pregnant at a critical age. The film shows how she deals with the situation, & it's a moral for all pregnant teens out there, it's kinda sending a message. Not all films sends the right exact message, Juno was highly acclaimed.

    Dude, I felt the same way about Little Miss Sunshine (2006). I wanted to see why it won 2 or 3 Oscars. People thought it was nothing special, just like Juno. But you're not seeing hard enough. Take a look at the powerful screenplay. Olive Hoover, who has a chance being Little Miss Sunshine, a beauty contest, when she's a symbol, already a sunshine in her dysfunctional family. "Why did you try to kill yourself, Uncle Frank? That's just silly". The exact words a suicidal person is suppose to hear. When her brother found out he was color-blinded, who was next to him, saying absolutely nothing, but just a hug..? The little girl. When she was asked if she dances well, she said it with so much confidence--"Yes, I'm definitely pretty good. Yeah, I am", when we see in the film, she doesn't dance very well. But that doesn't matter, that's confidence. That's the message the film is bringing us upon ourselves. When Dwayne is color blinded, he can't go to the Air-force Academy, a dream he's had his whole life. He just says "F*ck Beauty Contests. Life is one f*cking beauty contest after another. High School, college, then work? F*ck that. If I wanna fly, I'll find a way to fly. Just do what you love...& f*ck the rest". What kind of message does that bring to the audience? Follow your dreams, despite the speed bumps going through it. & in the beauty contest, every girl were dolled up & splattered with makeup on, Olive stepped up as herself, her natural beauty. Now I can see why it was Oscar worthy, the screenplay was a great piece of work, I'm glad it won the Oscar.

    You gotta see the same way for Juno. There are probably more films you believe is a piece of sh*t of winning, but try to look into it. See what films have hidden messages, & try to look at it the way critics do. I do agree, they pick some of the most stupidest movies, like Gladiator (2000) or Crash (2005). Just keep watching Oscar nominated films, find that message.

    Source(s): my dad taught me how to watch movies very well when I was a kid, he was a theater director.
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    your right

    to those who haven't seen it I'll sum up

    teenager gets knocked up

    decided to give the baby up for adoption

    the couple who want it are having problems

    the woman doesn't want the baby

    they guy doesn't want to grow up

    he wants to screw the teenage chick and relive his youth

    and for those who are like it had good part

    yeah very few movies are 100% crap but 5-10 minutes of entertainment in 90 minutes of movie

    i think it was nominated because of the "story" (lack there of) instead of any actual performance and the fact the She was nominated is sad

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    I disliked the film. The movie had boring and annoying characters who threw unrealistic and stupid hipster talk around every five sentences. It is not like the story is very amazing, either. And everything about the movie is predictable, too.

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    the movie's subject dealt with a touchy issue of the time, Ellen Page did act well in that movie. And if the Academy did nominated only the best movies, nobody would have heard of any of the titles and then wouldn't have watched.

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    I'd say juno was

    because it was the writers first story

    it was well made

    had funny moments

    moments you wanted to cry in

    i saw the movie with my mom and grandma

    and we all loved it

    and it was just a good movie

    i'd say ellen page

    because she did a great


    just my opinion though

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    It was a good movie.

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