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What is all this about the craigslist murder? Any links to articles or explanations? Thanks in advance!!!!!!!!?

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    Phil Markoff is a 23 year old med. student, was engaged to be married this August. Apparently, he was leading a double life because he cruised craigslist (erotic services) and met up with a young massage therapist in a hotel and murdered her. He is also accused of robbing another girl at a hotel. There has been much talk of him trying to hook up with both men and woman; the police found evidence in his apartment (16 pairs of ladies undies for one!) that ties him to this murder in particular.


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    They are finding out now that he also solicited men as well as women. He is on suicide watch again. Phillip Markoff or something like that, just pull up his name or pull up Craigslist Murderer. You can search around, you will find something. He is just a weirdo. He also kept a gun under the mattress under the bed where him and his girlfriend slept and had a collection of women's panties, not his girlfriends. There is also another Craigslist weirdo, he wanted someone who was willing to have sex with him and then kill them. The cops caught him in a sting operation. Good for them. A Craigslist worked flagged him and got police involved. The man was actually talking to a detective.

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    A woman posted an Exotic Massage on Craiglist a guy hired her, when she went out to his home, he robbed and killed her. I am not saying it right the guy did this he should die in hell, but what does a woman going to a mans house after posting something like this expect? I know not murder but...something bad was going to happen sooner or later. It is very sad, like I said he should burn in hell, and come on ladies think before you do something like this.

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    What you don't see in the media is that she posted on three online prostitution sites[not allowed to name on Y/A because they have adult content]and the free Boston Phoenix paper's erotic services section.It's uncertain which ad he called as they have the same text.But the Phoenix is available in the street box right outside the hotel she was killed in.

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