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Rogue Warrior or Druid?

What's the most needed and best for PvE and PvP right now?

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    Warriors are always needed whether it' PvE or PvP. Rogues are good for either depending which way your skill tree goes. Same goes for druid. healing druids are always needed, so go resto if your gonna be druid.

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    In a PvP realm you would want to choose a druid. because especially in a raid u need to be the one to heal out and once you get to lvl 10 you start transforming. A rouge would be good but only as a dps on raids. once u get to higher levels you will dominate. also if u plan on choosing either of the three make sure u get a good ranged weapon i think u should use a bow. a warrior is a good tank but not much else doesnt give u as much a variety of attacks but once you get higher up much more enjoyable farming down in instances

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