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Why are black male dogs the last to be adopted at shelters?

A rescue volunteer was pleased to hear that I adopted two black/brownish dogs from a shelter because he said they were the last to be adopted at shelters. Also, is it true that puppies sometimes are euthanized? :(

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    Yes, it's true, because people are "afraid" of black or brown dogs. Plus they tend not to photograph well so they don't show up well on adoption websites.

    When I found a pair of strays (black intact male Lab, brown neutered Lab mix), both adults, I knew that if I brought them to the shelter they had maybe a 10% chance of coming out again... that's why we fostered them to find them a new home.

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    Yes puppies will be euthanized along w/ older dogs, it may be because they've been there for a long time, they are mean like a threat to anyone, or because the shelters are too crowded, i don't think people should euthanize if the shelter is too full or if they've been there a while, that's why i'm going to work at non-kill shelters, also, the non-kill shelters will sometimes save the pups or dogs about to be killed.

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    people generally prefer females, young puppies, small dogs, and purebreds..

    A large, black, mixed breed adult male is ussually the last to go.. they are so common.. many people want a "pretty little white dog" or chose based on some other color or markings that stand out.. some people are afraid of black dogs.

    Yes, even puppies are euthanized at shelters.

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    I think that might not be a universal thing. Collies and lurchers are the last to be adopted where I live, big black male labs etc are more likely to be taken. I can understand why black dogs might be difficult- it's hard to take good photos of them.

    Yes, puppies are sometimes euthanised if there's no demand for them and/or if they're too young to be taken care of in a busy shelter.

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    Yes, puppies are sometimes euthanized. It all depends on how crowded the shelter is and how healthy/adoptable the puppies are.

    I have also heard the statistic that black dogs are least likely to be adopted.

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    maybe they think their ugly

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