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Nissan Rogue S or Nissan Altima S?

im looking to buy a new car and i am deciding between these two. they are similar in price so that is why i am considering them. Would like to know if they have the same standard features and personal experience with either car. basic use of the car (for me) will be city driving 20 mi daily and carrying 2 boys, which factors into interior space.

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    Get the Rogue because changing demands of carrying your two boys and there things around the extra space will come in handy plus a hatch back and fold down seats will allow you to cart a bicycle with a flat tire or some antique finds back from the market. Just remember no cars like stop and go 20 miles a day driving so keep up with oil changes every 3,750 miles.

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    I have a Rogue and I love it. I was able to get the Rogue SL AWD for the same price as the S FWD so there's definitely some room to move on the price with either car. For me, I wanted a small SUV because one of my main activities is driving around with my dog. I also wanted the AWD because I live in Canada and have always driven AWD cars (I guess it's just a comfort thing). I believe they are both nice cars so it's all about your needs. If the boys are going to be driving the car, you may feel safer with an SUV.

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    Remember that they are two different types of cars-They may be similar in price but the Rogue is a small SUV and the Altima is a midsize sedan. I personally would pick the Altima, but it depends what your needs are.

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    I can't speak for the Rogue but I have an Altima and I Absolutely love it. It's a fun car. Great gas mileage. Good acceleration. Fun to drive. And it looks good too!!

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