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Question about extended car warranty, Can i Sue?

Okay, i bout a used truck with a extended 75,000/72 month warranty.

I bout the car when it was one year old. Apparently, they say the calculate the month's and mileage by the age of the vehicle and not when i purchased it.

My documents say my warranty expires on December 9, 2009. Now all of a sudden the dealership says that my warranty expired on December 9, 2008 and it goes by the vehicles age and not the length of my ownership.

My question is:

My documents from the place where i bought my car states that that I have full, bumber to bumper warranty until december 6, 2009. However, now they say there computer says it expired on December 6, 2008.

Can I sue? I have all of my documents that says it expires on December 2009.


ok/ I have paperwork that shows i have a warantee until 12/2009.

I have a problem andd they do not want to honor the warranty.

Do i have a case or not?

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    There is no reason to sue now. If they do not honor your warranty then you might have a case. Until then talk to them and produce the paperwork that says 12/6/2009. They should honor it.

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    you will in no way have the skill to get something with the aid of small claims. they did no longer might desire to provide you a refund. The coverage and guarantee could be a foul deal, yet your mum and dad are adults and are predicted to be powerfuble to barter their very own purchases. A small claims courtroom choose can not void a freelance which incorporate that.

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    Sue for what? What have you lost? You have paperwork in your possession proving when your cover expires, that's it. Nothing to do with any data-entry mistake on their computer.

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