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Is Nate Robinson overrated or what?

As, a die hard Knicks fan I say he definitely is and I personally don't get all the hubbub that surrounds him. I mean I have been a fan since forever and have watched all-around small players, like Charlie Ward and John Starks play in NY and Nate does not got this in him. Seems that the only reason people like him is cause he is a sideshow and he can dunk at his size and score.

This is how the talent in NY should be ranked: 1.) David Lee, 2.) Al Harrington, 3.) Wilson Chandler, 4.) Chris Duhon, 5.) Larry Hughes, 6.) NATE ROBINSON, and 7.) Danilo Gallinari (Has all the potential to be a beast and be a top 3-5 Knick player in the years better than Nate.)

I mean Nate's negatives greatly outweigh his positives.

A.) He shoots an abysmal FG% and he is even more inconsistent than Hughes and that is scary. What Hughes does to make him better is that he is a good defender and can actually play a dual guard role. Nate shot 15% for 2 months almost this season wtf is that and then after All-star break he was on fire for a small stretch of games. Only to resort to shooting in the low 40's and some games even lower to end the season.

B.) He is too short to be a SG and lacks the know how and ability to be a floor general to be a PG. I mean the guy has a terrible basketball IQ and makes horrible boneheaded decisions trying to force the action. Hence, he gets to's and makes bad plays and just does not know how to pass.

C.) His defense is terrible and it makes one cringe. He has showed the most digression from all Knicks players (a team not led on the basics of defense) on the defensive end.

D.) He is very, very, very immature and that is an understatement. He does not know how to let things go and picks fights w. everyone. Even his teammate in Zach Randolph he fought on national television. He just wants to make a show out of everything. That is why Larry Brown failed to play him and called him better suited for a sideshow act. He also was yelled at by Isiah a couple of times, and Mike D has gone Hitler on him foaming at the mouth. He does not listen!!!

I mean it seems people are blinded cause yes he is an athletic freak, but he makes for a terrible NBA player on an all-around level and that is going to take a toll on him later and his failure to be willing to improve his flaws will not help his cause.

I mean once his athleticism gives out he will be done cause he does not have the all-around game players, like Muggsy Bogues, Spudd Webb, Damon Stoudamire, and Mookie Blaylock (all small guys) had to provide them longevity in the NBA.


He is a punk the sooner NY makes his expiring contract null and void and gives the extension to Lee would be a good day.

Update 2:

It's gonna be Bosh and Redd I love LBJ23, but he won't budge and we don't need him. The team is under the cap for once and headed in the right direction. They finally competed this year and it was an interesting brand and refreshing to see.

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  • Robert
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    Yep, he is overrated Anthony E. But the mass media and the public in general love the little man in the game of basketball They can throw their hat on him and say you see you see kids, you dont have to be the size of Kareem or have the skills of DR J. You can play this game to. Which is true to an extent. But a short ball hog, what can you say to him. Here in Houston Rudy T gave the keys to Stevie Francis and we ended up with 2 plays. Stevie dribbles out the shot clock to 5 and then make a move to the basket or Stevie dribble the clock to 3 then passes to Cuttino Mobley.

    Now for Nate all the talk keeps sounding like Nate is supposed to be a big piece of the puzzel. And still trade rumors were always popping up on dealing David Lee, what? Trade a hard working big man who doesnt need the ball in his hands to be effective, yup cant have those around.

    Now as for the fighting and being hard headed towards coach D. Nate has got a BIG Case of the "small man complex". Not all small dudes have it but Nate has got that. Weve got a saying in Texas, the lil dog on the porch he will yap at your *** all day long, but if the big dog has to get off the porch some one is getting their *** bit. Nate is the little dog. Yap yap yap, can he do much not really, but it makes him fell good. Your not gonna intimidate me because of my size ill show you. No your gonna act like a JckArs because of your size. Maybe since the Sopranos are done Nate can go visit Dr Melfi. Dudes got issues. And if he keeps yapping someone is gonna be the big dog and get up of the porch.

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  • Hes really not that overrated. He deffinently gets alot of national attention because he is short and won a dunk contest, but he still is an incredible athlete. The kid is 5'9 probably the fastest and quickest player on your knicks roster, has a 40 inch plus vert, was an all-star boxer and is a skilled basketball player. If your such a die-hard knicks fan you shouldn't be bashing on one of your teams players just cause hes exciting to watch and you are upset cause the rest of the knicks dont get as much attention. I'll tell you what tho, when the knicks can finally quit winning 20 games a year and start getting into the playoffs maybe your chris duhons and al harringtons will start getting some attention too, but until then it looks like nate is the only one whos done anything.

    And to that raza guy up top. ARe you being serious right now? The kid is ******* tough. He is an all-star boxer whos somebody you don't wanna mess with. You honestly think because hes 5'9 he couldn't mess someone up thats 6'9? Hes one of the last people i would mess with in the NBA.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Finally, somebody who agrees with me (and he's a Knicks fan, too)

    I used to think Nate was good (that's what ESPN does to us...), so I picked him up on my fantasy team. He consistently shot around 20-30%, some days he got around 15, and most days he got around like, 5. He's too inconsistent. People think he's the most athletic player ever and it annoys me because he dunks AT MOST 3 times a season. He screws all the other dunkers in the dunk contest over because they give him extra points because of his size. That dunk where he jumped off of Wilson Chandler's back deserved no more than a 15. He tries to do everything himself when there are so many better players on the Knicks. He thinks he is the toughest guy in the league, but he would get destroyed by about anybody.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Nate is Overrated. It really pisses me off how many non-knick fans just suppose that Nate is the best on the team. Hes very athletic and has a Very good vertical but thats really everything. He gets angry too quickly then shows it by ball hogging and shooting buzzers which he never frekin makes. Only Knicks fans will understand. Then you got young guys like Lee and Will "The Thrill" who play their butts off, trying to make a difference but never get noticed. Hell, Lee was the leader of Double Doubles this season and Will is a Nasty Dunker better than nate, still they are unknown. It sucks.

    Source(s): New Yorker Next Season's Starting Line up PG Chris Duhon SG Danilo Gallinari SF Wilson Chandler PF Al Harrington C David Lee
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  • Kman
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    1 decade ago

    He may be overrated in NYC, but everyone outside Manhattan knows that Robinson's style won't win anything - it's just fun to watch. Kind of like Allen Iverson back in the day.

    The Knicks fans have had so many miserable seasons that they've convinced themselves Robinsons is a superstar. It's kind of sad really.

    Cheer up though - Thomas is gone, D'Antoni is great, and NYC will be able to lure some great talent shortly. I'm still fairly sure NYC can land LeBron in 2010 - or at least Bosh as a consolation.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    He is A Show Time player Becasue he is short But A Top Dunker

    But Also he is skilled on Court

    So I Think He is A Bit Underrated

    But To say the Truth His Athleticism Made him Well Known not his Skills

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  • 4 years ago

    Yes. People only talk about him because he's short and he can dunk. I think he's a decent bench player with the ability to score in spurts, but that's it. I don't think he's good enough to start on a good team, or even a bad team.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    What's up Antony E.Me

    I kind of agree with you.Yes,i know that he won the Dunk Contest but he isn't showing that at all.He can be good but Duhon is the better choice

    Robinson is a great person but he seems to have problem on the court to play good

    So,i agree with you


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  • 1 decade ago

    He is definitely overrated. He'll score 30 in a game and the next he'll score just 4 points. he's so inconsistent. He's a good player but he's overrated

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  • UCLA!
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    1 decade ago

    Well he isn't overrated who talking about him I mean? we're talking about him just after he won over Superman in the dunk contest

    Knicks need him, or at least his offensive game

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