wealth leads to corruption?

i have to do an essay for english in the form of a letter to the editor

but i need some points to write about for the topic 'wealth leads to corruption'.

any ideas?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    "Corruption", term is a social evil. wealth is a symptom of corruption. not everyone can keep a level head and use it wisely (investments, pay off debt, etc.) they go crazy buying things they think they need, lots of electronics and toys and what not. a documentary showed how a couple won the lottery and it destroyed their relationship. they ended up breaking up and the guy became a priest and the woman rescued animals.

    Party subversion on behalf of other parties - i.e; the act of getting a republican to pose as a democrat, or a democrat as a republican, can be considered to be an example of corruption.

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    wealth doesn't lead to corruption, greed leads to corruption

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