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    that's a virus malware app...you need to open msconfig.....go to startup...look for a few things with weird names like "g7ds8d8f7d" something stupid...then uncheck those wierd ones so they wion't run at start up....then do a restart...then do a system restore to a date you know you didn't have that downloaded...tough luck...but it's malware bud

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  • 4 years ago


    Source(s): #1 Antivirus For PC : http://MoveAntiVirus.com/?SaRV
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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    You can download Ccleaner here : http://bit.ly/1t3jm44

    To start with open Ccleaner

    To make this concise, beneath is my suggested setup:

    Under web pilgrim check provisional web documents, treats, and last download area. Most clients don't generally require this stuff. keep history and bookmarks unchecked, history is a possibly, however you would prefer not to lose bookmarked locales.

    Run Ccleaner and it will begin erasing documents.

    a while later it will give you an arrangement of the documents erased, you truly don't have to experience it as it will be a few pages long.

    The registry cleaner is proposed for marginally more praiseworthy clients. Use it in the wake of uninstalling projects as they will regularly abandon erroneous registry sections.

    In the event that you choose to run Registry cleaner then audit the things identified and constantly move down the registry (I keep an envelope aside for this)

    The Tools tab gives you a chance to uninstall projects and set startup programs. Why do you require this if Windows has these peculiarities? Particularly with Vista Home Ed. The windows safeguard programming wayfarer( startup programs) doesn't get a few sections (however programming adventurer is less demanding to utilize).

    Utilizing Ccleaner to uninstall projects and after that check for remaining registry passages takes less time.

    Under Options you can decide how Ccleaner cleans your records. I allow this to sit unbothered.

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Antivirus 2009 is an undesirable application, from the authors of Antivirus 2008 . those purposes have such as interface and "sensible factors". After stealth installation, Antivirus 2009 will prepare tonns of faux spywareadware detection messages and supplies to get rid of pronounced threats (once you purchase advertisement version). yet in genuine Antivirus 2009 isn't a secret agent ware air purifier, it rather is in certainty an imitation of secret agent ware remover. Antivirus 2009 would additionally slow your laptop and reason gadget errors and crashes. get rid of Antivirus 2009 utilising instruction manual removing training (for stepped forward customers) or removing gadget.

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