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報加拿大大學仲有咩basic requirements??


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    For your reference

    University of British Columbia's General admission requirements

    English language requirement

    All prospective students must demonstrate their competency in English before being admitted to UBC. Most Canadian students meet this requirement – called the English Language Admission Standard – by completing three years of full-time education in Canada or the equivalent in another country where English is the principal language.

    If you do not meet the requirement in this way, you can meet it in other ways.

    High school requirements

    UBC has a basic set of requirements that all BC and Yukon high school students must meet. We require that you graduate from high school and successfully complete the following courses.

    Grade 12

    English 12

    Three additional Grade 12 courses (additional details apply)

    Grade 11

    English 11

    Principles of Mathematics 11

    A Grade 11 language course

    A Grade 11 science course

    A Grade 11 social studies course

    International Baccalaureate certificate and Advanced Placement courses can be used to meet the above requirements.

    You must write Grade 12 provincial exams, even when they’re optional for graduation.

    Program-specific requirements

    In addition to the general admission requirements, each UBC program has a set of specific requirements you must meet in order to study in that program.

    If your program requires a supplemental application, it will be noted in the table below. Some supplemental applications have specific deadlines and fees may apply. Please check your faculty's website for more information.

    建議你既然想入讀美國的 cc (社區學院) 不如留在美國升學-





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