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i wana ask hw 2 trust my g.f?i m 20 n shez 19,n m a bit insecure abt her,n m very posesiv abt her as wel?

i knw she luvs me a lot,bt my expectations r 2 much frm her,n whn i m not satisfied frm her,n whn she cudnt fulfil my xpactions than many negativ thots cm in my mind,n i start thinking dat she doesnt take me seriusly,n by al dis it hurts me a lot,n for d whole day only these negativ things cm in my mind,wht 2 do?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    There is no easy answer to this.

    You are the one with the problem and any change has to come from inside you.

    The only way to trust someone is to trust them. There are no tricks, no tips, no clever things you can do - because then it wouldn't be real trust.

    Also, you are way too introverted on what's going on inside your head.

    But that doesn't mean I can't help...

    The first step would be for you to find out what the word "trust" actually means, use a dictionary and make sure you really understand it.

    Figure out examples of what would be trust between two people and what would not.

    Remember some examples from movies you've seen where a person trusted another, and examples of where they didn't trust.

    Keep doing this until you are absolutely sure that you really understand the word. That will help for starters.

    If this isn't enough to fix your problem (it could be) the next step is you have to get out into the world and volunteer for some charity work in a foreign country. You think I'm kidding? I'm serious. You need to expand your mind.

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