Help with game ideas?

We have a small youth group at my church, usually less than 10 people. Every Wednesday, we like to play a game either inside or outside. However, we have been playing the same game forever. Any ideas for new games?

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    Games and Activities

    Circle Games :





    Down by Banks

    Bob Tomato

    Shippy Shippy Shippy Ship

    O Fudge

    Mexican Horseracing

    Aw So Co




    The Cup Game

    This is a____

    James Bond


    Indian Chief



    Wa Master

    Zip Zap Zop

    123 Look

    Splat Ball

    Big Booty

    What’s in the Bag?

    Memory Game

    Gum Glove Game

    Wax Museum


    Pass the Parcel

    Shoe Jumble

    Quick Change Artist

    Ride My Pony

    Honey I love You

    Blanket Identification

    Miscellaneous :




    Murderer in the Dark

    Sleeping bag Game

    Heads Up 7 Up


    Number Game





    Major Scale

    Scavenger Hunts

    4 Square

    Monkey in the Middle

    Red Rover

    Ultimate Ro Sham Bo

    Ultimate Duck-Duck Goose

    Hide and Seek

    Simon Says

    Ultimate Chopsticks

    Murderer in the Light

    Tabletop Football


    Improv Games:

    Bathroom Scene

    Question Game

    Party Quarks

    Alphabet Skit

    Freeze Frame

    What are you doing?

    Vacation Slide Show

    Low Ropes Challenges:

    Multi-Legged Monster

    Trust Falls

    Trust/Peace walk

    Salvation Rope

    Puzzle Blindfolded

    Find a Tree

    Shoe Jumble

    Untangle Hands

    Lily Pads/Graham Crackers

    Small Carpet

    Blinded Number line

    Blindfolded Find Objects

    Flip the Tarp

    Pick an apple Find an apple

    Card Games:








    Go Fish

    Magic Tricks

    Fortune Telling

    Figure-it-out Games:


    Bang Bang Bang

    Stick Dance

    Knife Game

    Black Magic

    Chinese Numbers

    Magic number 4

    Silly Sally Land

    Johnny Whoops

    Road Trip


    Tag Games:

    Blob Tag

    Cartoon Tag

    Line Tag

    Sharks and Minos

    Uncle Dooger


    Freeze Tag

    Buzz Tag

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    Well at my church we always have fun, but we might be a little wilder than you are looking for. lol. but here are some ideas.

    1. get a whole bunch of close pins and chose 2 people . split the reast of the people but the 2 people into 2 different teams.. the goal of the game is to have as many safety pins on the person who is represnting your team as possible. start the game by having safety pins lined up in the middle. you can go steal safety pins off the other teams guy whenever you want. stop and count. pretty entertaining. lol.

    2.Putt some tape on the ground to make a fairly big square and a line though the middle of it. get a ping pong ball and some crackers.

    have two people at a time go against each other. they get on their kneew and put a cracker in their mouth but they cant eat it/ chew it. they will get over the box and try to blow the ping pong ball past or out of each others side of the box.

    3. [if you have a big church] my favorite game. pick two different places in your church or where ever you guys meet. [as far away as possible] turn off all the lights, except maybe night lights and etc. chose people to have flashlights these will be like the "it" people . they will walk around and try to catch people with their flashlights. give every one else a peiece of paper. they will have to get from one place to another without gettin caught..chose people to sitt at the checkmarks... every time they make it to the checkmark they will get a mark on their paper.. keep going back and forth when they get caught with a flash light they will have to give up their papers.

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    Cut a piece from a garden hose maybe 10 ot 12 feet long. Put one person on each end of the hose. On one end with the funnel crack an egg and let the egg flow down into the hose. Then have each person try to blow the egg out of the other end of the hose. One person will lose and it will be great fun.

    Best played out side.

    Divide up into two teams and have the kids do a relay by pushing a tennis ball across the room with their noses.

    Oh don't forget stupid prizes.

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