says unknown device installed(battery info). and battery wont charge. what could this mean? dell 1721 laptop?

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    1 decade ago
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    Go to settings/control panel/system/device manager

    and delete the device and shut down. Reboot

    and you should get the message "new device found" see

    if windows can install it from the windows files.

    If it is not there you will have to download the driver and install it manually.

  • 1 decade ago

    From my experience, either your battery is shot (they only have a one year warranty) or worst case scenario, there is a system board problem where the battery is not recognized. On a Dell, if you tap the F2 key during the POST (while the blue Dell logo is up) it will take you into the BIOS. Find the entry for the battery and if it says "battery not installed" then you know for sure. One other thing is that Dell batteries usually have a series of LED's on them. If you take out the battery and push the button and only some of the LED's light up, then again, you know it's the battery. If ALL the LED's light up indicating the battery is good, it may be the system board.

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