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Should the federal government privatize the United States Postal Service?

Do you think the federal government should privatize the USPS?? Why or why not?

Do you think the USPS is inefficient?? Do you have any statistics to prove this true??

Any other comments feel free to share.


Thank you for your answers so far, I see there is a clear debate here. I would like to know if anyone has statistics to prove their points. Also, please give more information of why you think or do not think the postal service should be privatized. Would it not create competition and create jobs?

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    Any business that can get my letter from one coast to the other within 2 days for 43 cents is doing a pretty good job. They should not Privatize any government agency.

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    I send most of my invoices and business transactions by E-mail. So do my customers. And so do my vendors. It's far cheaper. And faster.

    I send packages UPS, because they show up on time and can be tracked.

    I have lost expensive packages in the U.S. Mail, and was not happy about it.

    I believe there is a need for their service, however. Mess with my mail, and it's a Federal crime. Cool.

    But oddly, the less people use their service, the more they raise their prices. This never happens in the private sector.

    Another great thing about the USPS is that they deliver junk mail: UPS and FedEx don't deliver junk mail, and I need this junk mail to line the bird cage. (My local newspaper has become too small to do the job...)

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    People should be aware that the biggest percentage of Identity theft is from online scams. If you just sent that letter to uncle charlie or bought that ipod over the phone. I wouldnt give my credit card over the internet any day or any of my personal information.

    Many people trust the internet too much, they dont have proper anti-virus protection and they dont know how to update their software by Microsoft.

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    HELL to the NO!

    UPS has lost packages on me, delivered packages late, left expensive packages outside my door, etc... I use the USPS over the private shippers every time. They are, frankly, doing a great job.

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    Yes,because the Postmaster general said in March that the USPS will be broke this year.

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    yes because private industry is always the answer

    I actually wrote that without falling off my chair from do Republicans not laugh themselves to death

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    Yes, the government is too big. They need to privatize everything instead of buying banks and Chrysler.

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    You want to see $150.00 charges for postage? Yeah, let's sell it to Exxon.

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    if they can do the same job better or cheaper

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