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PF Flyers? What came first?

Were they the ones who pretty much had the first style of shoes similar to Chuck Taylors and Vans? PF Flyers Waver is just like Vans Era and PF Flyers Center Lo/Hi are just like chuck ts. Which came first? Whats the history?

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    Im pretty sure PF Flyers and Converse came out about the same time then later down the line came the Vans.

    Not too many ppl even know about PF Flyers so they assume the Chucks and vans are the originals but i would definitely say the Flyers are.

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    When I was a kid in school, longer ago than I care to remember...everybody knew the PF Flyers. It was those and Keds. That was what everybody wore. This was in Los Angeles,at Normandie Ave. School, 1955-1959. I was a white boy, and the school was mixed about 50/50 White and Black. Nobody cared if you wore Keds, or Flyers. As I recall, the Flyers were a great shoe and really comfortable. If the kids at your new school think they have to say something about them, tell em they should try a pair and find out for themselves what they are missing. Are yours the High Top canvas shoes? Those were the best and most comfortable.

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