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How much does an average wedding ring cost?

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    The national average spent on an engagement ring is between 2000-4000.

    What is suggested for the engagement ring is 5 percent salary

    So if you make 20,000 consider spending 1000

    30,000= 1500

    40,000 = 2000

    50,000 = 2500

    60,000 = 3000

    70,000 = 3500

    80,000 = 4000

    100,000= 5000

    Only spend what you can afford. The wedding bands without stones are very inexpensive under 100 dollars, with stones they can be a couple thousand to several thousand

    ETA only people making 140k/annually should consider a 7000 dollar ring unless they really want to and have saved up that much money

    The average sized diamond purchased is 1/2 carat which is (.44-.58), this is growing in trend, it was once 1/3rd carat (.29-.36) not too long ago, but at one time (over 100 yrs ago) it was 1ct on average

    Source(s): I am diamond certified and have worked as a jeweler
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    Average Wedding Ring Cost

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    Average cost over 3 grand.

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    Whats your budget?

    Spend what you have, and search around....dont spend what you dont have.

    My partner spent $5000 on my engagement ring (I love it- but i would ve equally as happy if it cost 200). Were looking into getting wedding bands for the both of us for under $1000

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    The sky's the limit. As a contrast to the other numbers thrown around, my band was $70 on sale (it's white gold); and, while my husband would like to get another one now that our financial situation has improved, I'm just as married with it as I would be with a more expensive band. So figure out your price range and then look at rings within it and choose what you like.

    Good luck and have fun shopping.

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    The engagement ring cost about 3.3k.....but she wants a simple wedding ring for everyday wear (hiking, camping, gardening, etc.) we are going with simple, engraved, tungsten bands...less than 1k

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    Probably around $5-10k based on the medium income. Of course, it depends on the quality of the ring and where you buy it as well. One of the best places I know of is Amazon:

    You don't have to deal with such a big markup like you would if you bought the ring at a jewelry stores. Seriously, some of those stores mark the price up ridiculously high.

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    It depends on what you want. My engagement ring is a pearl because I did not want a diamond. My ring cost under 300, i think. And it is lovely.

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    Average Cost Of Wedding Rings

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    the band isnt so expensive, it is the engagement ring is whats usually expensive. I would say around 7,000 for the ring and the wedding band, is how much people usually pay

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