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Question about the FBI HRT fast track Program..?

Is that fast track HRT program still around? Do they still need guys?

How exactly does the program work? I get accepted into the program, and serve as a Special Agent elsewhere for a year? or is it two year probationary period??

Im a former Ranger batt boy, soon-to-be degree in Int'l Political Science bachelors and minor in middle eastern studies, 2 foreign languages as well.



When I was 18, I got a petit theft -misdemeanor charge

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    Today, the HRT is part of the FBI's Critical Incident Response Group (CIRG) located at the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia. The HRT is structured to deploy with part, or all of its personnel and resources, depending upon the magnitude of a crisis, and can be augmented by other CIRG entities with specialists trained in areas of negotiation, behavioral science, and communications.

    Your studies are what the FBI needs, however, your misdemeanor might set you back.


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    Dea fast team definetly is where you want to go, especially if your edventure means going around the world, and they deal with the most dangerous criminals, terrorists, and drug rings in the world

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    This link provides a website that answers all your questions. Navigate over to HRT.

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    They are always looking for people.

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    you need to talk to your former employer george w bush

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