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Who wins this Fantasy Baseball Trade?


I get: Scutaro, Inge

He gets: B.Upton, J.Baker

My Team:

C- Baker

1- Morneau

2- Hill

3- Lowell

S- A.Ramirez

OF- Hunter, Bruce, McLouth

Util- M.Cabrera

BN- Damon

BN- B.Upton

BN- Ordonez

BN- Phillips

SP- Lester

SP- Myers

RP- Capps

RP- Wilson

P- Haren

P- Ziegler

P- Duke

BN- Wakefield

His Team:

C- Martin

1- Branyan

2- Scutaro

3- C.Jones

S- Bartlett

OF- Cruz, M.Ramirez, Crawford

Util- Furcal

BN- Inge

BN- E.Chavez

SP- Volstad

SP- Kershaw

RP- Broxton

RP- Wood

P- Percival

P- Franklin

P- M.Gonzalez

BN- Garza

BN- Sabathia

BN- Shields

DL- Kuroda

Who wins. Thanks

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    O yeah you winn 100X. Marco Scutaro is the big pickup deal this year. I have him on like 5 of my fantasy teams. Hes very underrated. Hurry up. Make the trade before he realizes hes making a mistake.

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    BJ Upton is for real--as long as he stays healthy. Inge and Scrotum can drop off in a hurry. Their histories aren't that good. Be careful of no namers getting hot and everyone is all over them; most of the time they are just that--no namers. Remember baseball is about the long haul and who has shown ability over a longer period of time. You disrespect the game when you become wowed over a week or two of performance. In my league everyone was gaga over Bonifacio. That first week he was hot. His performance history is not that impressive; he's fast; he can steal. But you have to get on base, you have to stay in the lineup, and not ecventually get sent down to the minors. Remember Chris Shelton for Detroit a few yrs ago?

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    You win. Scutaro is stroking the ball and Inge is so versatile it's not even funny. Uptons doing alright, and I don't know about Baker. In my eyes, you win.

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    inge and scutaro are just hot right now upton will start to hit and when he does it will be a lose for you and baker will prolly hit around 275 280 this year

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    in case you may get Pujols for Abreu and Atkins, you win that commerce via far. the different commerce is large too, yet Abreu is washed up and Atkins won't be able to hit the vast area of a barn.

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    You win. If u offered the trade he most likely wouldn't accept, but he offered it 2 u. TAKE IT AND RUN!!!!!!!!!!! lol

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