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Help building a theme park based around the 1950s?

I am building model a theme park based on the 1950s. I am building it on a platform 18x18 inches. I need some suggestions on what kind of things to put in my park.

I am thinking of putting some kind of roller coaster based off of Elvis Presley's "Jail House Rock," and another ride for Johnny Cash.

I also am going to include one bathroom, a gift shop, and a place to eat. Can anyone throw some ideas out about how to build this model (i.e. modeling clay...)

Any ideas on catchy titles for rides or places to eat will be helpful as well.

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    Visit your local craft stores such as Hobby Lobby or Michael's - they will have a lot of miniatures like people, benches, trees, etc. reasonably priced that can be used to accent your main buildings and rides with little effort on your part. Also, they will have all the supplies you need for this project at a good price. For some of the buildings, maybe try some unfinished wood birdhouses to start (these come in mini sizes like 2 or 3 inches wide) - you could cut off the part the bird sits on in the front of it, and fill in the hole if you need to. A bit of paint and some imagination and you're ready to build! Maybe something in a western themed shape like a cowboy boot or a barn could be "Roy Rogers Round-Up "(store or restaurant maybe?) If you find a miniature old-style trailer (like a winnebago) maybe an I Love Lucy themed diner? Ferris wheels and roller coasters could be made from craft (popsicle) sticks which are sold in different sizes at craft stores, they also carry bags of precut wood and fun foam shapes, which are easy to glue together to build all sorts of things (easy to cut and shape to fit exactly what you need too!). Modeling clay would work well for many parts of this project also. A few other '50's thoughts - poodle skirts (The Poodle Parlor?), James Dean, ducktails, white t-shirts with sleeve cuffed up and jeans cuffed up, black leather jackets, hi-top sneakers, sweaters with pearl necklaces... Sounds like a lot of fun, hope this was of some help :)

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    Well I don't think that it will never happen. Even universal studios Orlando in Florida is near by. But they might build a theme park one day. But in Oklahoma they have plenty of room to build a theme park so it might be possible in the future.

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    Look at some "Googie" architecture for ideas on styling

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